Friday, 13 October 2017

My Dream Winter Home

Winter has to be my favourite time of year. With Christmas just around the corner, lots of shiny decorations with twinkling lights, snuggling into my fluffy pyjamas and the excitement of Santa Claus visiting I can't help but feel excited. 

So I was challenged to come up with my dream winter home, and I just loved imagining every detail of this!

Lapland, Finland

When I imagine my dream winter home, I imagine myself in Finland; more specifically - Lapland. 
The idea of being in this magical Christmas themed winter wonderland fills me up with a childish joy. I imagine a beautiful rustic wooden cabin with a log burning fire, a large soft faux sheepskin rug laid on the floor and candles flickering, creating dancing shadows on the walls. 

I can visualize myself lazed on a sofa snuggled under a large thick throw (from, hot chocolate in hand, in a glass igloo style conservatory gazing up at the northern lights.

The style of the cabin would be rustic, dressed with traditional red velvet curtains, with a large hand carved mahogany four poster bed with scatter cushions taking pride in the bedroom. 
Decorated with candles, a large Nordic style hanging candle chandelier and a potted Poinsettia, everything would feel cosy and warm.

I could easily get lost in my own thoughts of this perfect winter home. The idea of waking up in this magnificent place, enjoying a full day of skiing activities, visiting the Christmas villages, feeding reindeer and embracing my inner child's love of Christmas. 
After a full day, coming home to a relaxing hot tub treat with a glass of bubbly. Soon retreating to the warmth of the log fire wrapped in a luxurious quilted throw, reading one of my favourite classic books under the glow of the fire's light. 

When I imagine my dream winter home, I am filled with an overwhelming feeling of warmth. 

How do you imagine your dream winter home? Where do you imagine yourself?


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