Saturday, 18 March 2017

My MOHOO LCD Writing Tablet!

I recently ordered a MOHOO LCD Writing Tablet from Amazon and I am really happy with my purchase.

It is a very basic writing tablet however it definitely has many uses. I bought it with the idea of it helping the eldest with her writing (and not having to use 200 pieces of paper to write the letter "a")
The pen is of very similar size and shape to a normal pen so is good for her to practice her pen holding skills. 

Another useful idea to use the writing tablet is for shopping lists. I'm forever losing shopping lists as one of the kids pulls the paper from the fridge to draw on. I can place this on the fireplace and not have to worry about it being coloured in with felt tips. I may even add a strip of magnet to the back and have it on the fridge.

I can see many possibilities with this MOHOO LCD Writing Tablet!
Practice writing, drawing, notes for the family, shopping lists, sums or even measurements while I'm sewing.

What would you use it for?


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