Wednesday, 22 November 2017

We've Started Wedding Planning

I've been with my other half for seven years, engaged for six. It was always our intention to have a long engagement and up until recently the thought of getting married hasn't bothered me much. We live together, we have three beautiful daughters. Would a piece of paper be worth spending thousands of pounds over? Would it really change anything?

Monday, 23 October 2017

Car Safety Checklist

Half term is that time when as a parent, you try to fit in as many crafts, baking and trips out as you can in the week off school before sending the kids go back. Preparing your car for these day trips (long or short) is really important so you can make sure your car is as safe as possible before venturing on your adventure.
Kwik Fit have a very important campaign going on at the moment called Know Before You Go which is all about car safety checks to prepare yourself for a journey. Find out more by searching #CarSafetyChecklist on social media. To find out more about everything you should check before going on a car journey check out


Making sure both front and rear lights are working on your car is extremely important, especially at this time of year. No doubt, if you go out on a day trip this half term that you'll be returning in the dark seeing as it is becoming dark rather early. 
You should make sure your lights are in full working order and clean so you are visable to other cars on the road.

Windscreen Wipers

Here in England it rains a lot which means you should always make sure your windscreen wipers are in tip top condition. The last thing you'd want is to be driving down the motorway at 70mph for your windscreen wiper to suddenly decide that it isn't going to let you see out of your windscreen any more. This could be extremely dangerous to yourself and other drivers. 


Seeing as tyres are one of the most important parts of your car, it should come as no surprise that you should check the health of your tyres before going on a road trip. You should check the tread on your tyres to make they don't need replacing. The longer the tread, the quicker your car will stop in an emergency so this isn't something to look over lightly. 
I would also advise checking your spare tyre to make sure it has enough pressure in just in case. 


Sunday, 15 October 2017

What The Girls Wore - Me&I

Although you'll not often find me venturing far from wearing dark colours (mainly black), the girls are always dressed in bright colours and funky patterns. I just adore them wearing bold, bright patterns and they in turn love it too. When we were offered the chance to model some Me&I, I couldn't pass up the chance! 

I had heard many things about Me&I, always good things such as how well they wash, the amazing quality and how they're ethically sourced - all of which I look for in clothes. 

We chose three variations of their pattern Cinnamon Buns which meant that each of the girls had something similar to wear but could make it their own. 
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