Saturday, 15 February 2020

Planning The Perfect Nature Inspired Family Day Trip

In the modern world, children are spending more and more time indoors and very little time outside amongst the wonders of Mother Nature. The accessibility of smartphones and other electronic gaming devices means that nowadays most entertainment is based indoors, but it’s so important that you can introduce your kids to the wonders of wildlife to teach them some valuable lessons about animals, plants and the life cycle. There are so many great day trip opportunities that you can make the most of to give your children the chance to experience nature whilst having bucket loads of fun at the same time, and it couldn’t be easy to start planning the perfect family day trip. So, if you would like to find out more, then read on to uncover some of the best nature inspired ideas that you can make the most of today! 

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Get Roaming 

One of the best things that you can do to introduce your little ones to nature is to identify a local area with a rich selection of wildlife, perhaps a forest, lake, or mountain, and encourage them to get roaming and explore to find some creepy creatures and fantastic flora. Planning an adventure such as this requires some equipment - you’ll need walking boots or strong trainers to protect their feet on any rough terrain, as well as some extra additions such as magnifying glasses and wildlife information books that will allow them to identify the different things they spot on their journey. It can be a really inspiring and imaginative day trip, and it could instill a love for adventure and the outdoors in your little ones too! 

Visit An Animal Sanctuary 

There are many species of animals that originate from all around the globe, and each different location boasts its own unique variation or wildlife. At one time this meant that seeing foreign wildlife would mean travelling abroad, but thanks to the modern man you can now see animals from across the globe in zoos, sanctuaries and safari parks around your local area. You may want to start off small and visit a kids’ farm to introduce your babes to common working species in a fun, activity filled environment, as they may be frightened of the larger creatures they spot in the zoo if they haven’t seen many others in real life before. It can be such a great day out when you get the chance to visit lots of interesting creatures and have some fun at the same time, so it’s the perfect concept you need to introduce your little ones to the animal kingdom.

Planning the perfect nature inspired family day trip has never been so simple when you can make the most of the amazing ideas detailed above! Encourage your little ones to roam by taking them on an outdoor adventure to discover some creepy critters and get lucky, or introduce them to the wonder of the animal kingdom by visiting an exotic animal sanctuary or a safari park. 

Friday, 10 January 2020

Getting The Adult Kids Motivated To Move House

There are many people out there who grow up and move out of their parent’s houses, but there are some adults who fly the nest only to come back. Like a boomerang. Some adults get divorced, some get laid off, some find themselves unable to afford their expenses. Their parent’s house is the refuge that they know they can always return to and so they do.

The problem is that parents get used to the house being back to their own again. They get used to being able to relaunch their own lives. No parent wants to live like a roommate to their child, and the kindest thing that parents can do (after caring and nurturing for a time or two), is to help motivate their adult kids out of the nest once more.

So, if you’re looking for a way to give them their wings back, here are some tips for gently nudging them back into flight once more.

Brown Bird Flying Towards Birdhouse

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  1. Firstly, there’s nothing wrong with a little nurturing. Your child is still your child, even when they’re in their 30s. So, when they’re hurting, give them a safe place to lick their wounds. Let them heal and feel, but do it with certain rules in place. 

  2. The first rule is to make sure that your adult kid has a job. Their stuff from their other home may all be in personal storage right now, but they need to work toward getting a new house, and that takes money. Money comes from hard work. Don’t let your child live in your home without a game plan in place. A job ensures their decamping to your home is temporary.

  3. The next is to ensure that they are paying their way. You may let them move back for a while, but they need to contribute: especially as they are now using water, food and heat. You don't have to need their money, so just set it aside and give it back when they move back out again.

  4. They’ll also need to contribute their time in helping around the house. You don't have someone living in your home who doesn't do their bit; this is so important. Make it clear your expectations from the get-go and you’re going to be able to live harmoniously for the time they’re back with you.

It’s so important that you remember that your adult child probably wants to move back into your home less than you’d like them there. Their pride is hurt, their things are in storage and their tail is tucked between their legs. As a parent, you have to be equal parts home comfort and biting reality at the same time. Love them, hold them, heal them - then let them go again. Just make it very clear that you plan to let them go. Motivating your adult child to move back out again is going to be difficult when your child is sad, but it’s a must and you should consider how your bond will be forever cemented when you let them in and back out again.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Is Your Child Ready For A Puppy?

Have the kids started asking you to get them a puppy? A dog is a big responsibility, and it can be hard to know if your children are ready for a puppy. If you time it right, looking after a dog can be good for your child’s health and responsibility, but get the timing wrong, and you’ll be stuck caring for the dog when your children have lost interest. 

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If you’re going to buy a family dog, you need to be confident that they can be responsible enough to take care of the dogs’ needs and that they can interact with it safely. There are some good signs to look out for. 

They’ve Put In The Research

Dog ownership isn’t always easy. You want to know that the children are aware of the responsibilities involved and aren’t just thinking about how cute puppies are. If they’ve looked into all the things the dog will need, this is a good sign that they’re thinking seriously about dog ownership. Have they done some research about different breeds and thought about which might suit the family best? Do they know where there are local breeders or rescues? Have they looked into the best food, beds, toys and dog bowls

They Know How To Behave Around Dogs

Do you have friends and family who have dogs? Take the kids to visit and see how they behave with the dog. Do they know to safely introduce themselves by offering up their hand to sniff? Do they leave the dog alone and wait for it to approach them or are they annoying the dog, trying to make it play? 

If you’re going to have a dog in the house, the children need to know how to interact with it safely and nicely. Dogs are animals and can be unpredictable, and may react aggressively if the children are hassling it and not behaving in a safe way. Make sure they know how to behave with a dog before you bring one home. 

Are They Responsible?

Depending on the age of the children, they’re going to have different responsibilities for the puppy, such as feeding, walking and cleaning up after it. You don’t want to get stuck having to do it all yourself when the kids are bored after a week. 

Do the kids have chores at home already? If they’re good at getting through their chores without complaining and are helpful around the house, this is a great sign that they’ll be responsible enough to take over at least part of caring for the dog. Depending on the age of the child, there will be something they can do to help look after the dog, whether it’s refilling water bowls or taking them out for a walk. 

Are You Willing To Help?

No matter how responsible your kids are, they will need help caring for the dog. Studies should still come first, meaning you might need to take over walks during exam season. If nothing else, you’ll need to be prepared to help with any vet’s bills. 

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