Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Simple Hacks for a Less Stressful, Easier, and Faster Move

Moving is one aspect of life that you cannot avoid. Whether you move occasionally or you are packing your luggage to move for the first time, moving is a stressful task that can take a toll on you. Whereas it is agreeable that moving is not always easy, there are a few aspects that, once done right can ease the entire process.

Are you planning to move in the future? Here are a few moving hacks to help you achieve a stress-free, more comfortable, and faster move.

1.   Prepare Well

Moving is an involving process. Apart from packing your luggage, there are other activities you should do to ensure an easier move.

Start by setting up your moving schedule. Knowing when you will be leaving for your new home helps you ensure that all other activities up to the day of the move are addressed early. Also, cancel all your utilities to avoid accruing bills in your old home even after you move.

2.   Find a Reliable Mover

If you think your move will be successful just because you chose any mover, you are mistaken. Engaging professional interstate removalists can give you peace of mind during your move. However, at times getting the right mover can be a challenge.

When hiring the best mover, look out for reviews online and get recommendations from friends and family members. Also, do not forget to evaluate offers from different moving companies.

3.  Have a Budget

Have you thought about the possibility that you will spend on the entire moving process? Moving is an expensive process; however, you can reduce your expenses during a move considerably with the appropriate consideration. Create a list of all the items and activities you will engage in before and during the move, and allocate a monetary value.

As you set up the budget, focus on tasks and items necessary for a successful move. If anything isn’t urgent for the entire process, leave it – it will go a long way towards reducing your moving expenses. You can also reduce your moving cost by engaging your family members and friends to help in tasks that would otherwise cost you money.

4.   Packing

Packing is the most stressful task of any moving process. Have a clear plan on how to get all your packing supplies. Start packing as early as possible.

It is advisable to pack items that you no longer use daily first. This ensures that you have utensils and other things to use the days toward the day you will be moving. Use the right packing materials for all your items and label all packing boxes and containers accordingly.  

Image by La Miko via Pexels

5.   Organize the New House

It can be so annoying moving to a filthy house. Take the time to clean and organize the new home before moving. However, due to time constraints, it is advisable to arrange the most critical rooms first, such as the bedrooms and the kitchens – at least you will have something to eat and somewhere to sleep upon arrival.

Moving isn’t always one of the fun things to do, but you cannot avoid it. The next time you are moving, prepare adequately by setting up a budget, hiring a reliable mover, packing appropriately, and getting the new house ready for occupation.


Tuesday, 12 January 2021

What To Do When You Have No Eye For Interior Design

Are you a creative person? We all are, in our own ways. After all, one person might be a great writer, and another might be a great artist, but neither could do each other’s job. And when it comes to finding your talent, realising your weaknesses is just as important as knowing your strengths. 

Now, this just goes to show that if you have no clue how to arrange your furniture, you don’t have to get yourself down! Maybe you’ve just moved, or maybe you’re sick of the look and layout of your current home - either way, you don’t feel up to the task of creating the interior you really want, and you’re just not sure what to do next. 

Well, we’ve got some tips for you below; don’t let a lack of confidence with interior design make you feel uncomfortable in your own home! 

Pexels Image - CC0 Licence

Come Up with a Floor Plan

A floor plan is the first thing to think about here; when you know the size and dimensions of your space, you can plan where to put your furniture, and what kind of paint and/or wall accompaniments you’ll need to invest in as well. For example, when you’ve got a small square box for a living room, putting some mirrors up will make the space look much bigger! 

Not to mention just how integral a floor plan is to ensuring you’ve still got space to move and breathe. Yes, you’d like to have two sofas in the living room, but can you still walk all the way around the room without having to move anything? 

Hire a Professional

A professional is always going to point out the pros and cons of the space you’re working with, and ensure you consider your interior design needs from a different view point that you may not have thought of. As a result, they’re indispensable when you’re just not sure how to decorate your home yourself! 

And there are all kinds of professionals out there you can rely on. An interior designer, or a painter and decorator, are just two of the best people to get in contact with right now. The first is going to be able to come up with a layout and colour scheme you’ll love, and the second will be much more practical and efficient in their execution of the plan. 

It’s All About the Colours!

And finally, you’re going to need a cohesive colour scheme to work with. Something that features complimentary colours, and a balanced feeling, to ensure the atmosphere doesn’t bounce around too much. 

You’re going to need three main colours here: a dominant colour, a secondary colour, and an accent colour. The dominant colour needs to cover at least half of your room, but you can play with the secondary and the accent as much as you want. 

Having no eye for interior design shouldn’t hold you back! Do your research and get in touch with those in the know. 

Saturday, 19 December 2020

First Steps When You Move To A New Home

Moving home is always going to be one of those truly exciting rites of passage. It’s not something that you get to do every day, and yet when it comes around you might find that there is actually a lot of stress involved in the process. If you are currently in a position where you are about to move home, one of the most important parts of the process that you should think about is once you have moved in - and you are wondering what to do next. Here are some of the essential first steps you might want to consider during that time.

Pic Credit - CCO Licence

Turn On The Utilities

You are going to want to check that everything is okay with your utilities first and foremost, as if there are any problems here it will be a good idea to report them to the realtor as soon as possible. That’s a simple case of turning the utilities on and seeing what happens, although you might want to do it one at a time just in case anything does go wrong. It’s also about trying to get the home to a place where it is liveable again. If nobody has been living in it for a while, then the pipes might be cold and putting some heat through them gently is going to be a good idea. Make sure you do this before anything else, and keep a close eye and ear out for any issues which might seem to arise when you do.

Assemble The Furniture

Whatever furniture you might have brought with you will have to be unpacked and assembled, so you at least have somewhere to sit and sleep while you are arranging all of the other aspects of the home. If you have bought new furniture, then that too is going to have to be assembled. In some cases, it is easier and more sensible to simply hire a bed assembly service to do it for you, so that is something that you might want to bear in mind. But it’s up to you, and if you are perfectly happy doing it yourself then that should be absolutely fine. The point is that you should definitely make sure to do this before you do much else, so that you at least have somewhere to lay your head tonight!

Pic Credit - CCO Licence

Deep Cleaning

Hopefully, the house will already have been cleaned thoroughly before you moved in, just as you would have cleaned the home you just left. But in many cases, you will probably find that doing a deep clean of your new home is still advisable. For one thing, a lot of people find this just helps to make it feel like it is truly yours. But it’s also a case of being extra careful about your health and safety, which is extra important at this time during a pandemic of course. Make sure you thoroughly deep clean the house before you do anything else, and you will feel so much better for it.

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