Monday, 13 August 2018

I've Been Wedding Planning Again...

It seems as though everywhere I look, everyone is getting married. Maybe it's one of them things that always happens but you don't notice until everyone you know is doing it or it's happening to you.
I've noticed recently, a fair amount of girls I went to school with have all been getting married within the last month or two so it's at the top of my interests currently.

I got engaged nearly 7 years ago, crazy I know. 
Since then, we've gone on to have 3 daughters and the funds for a wedding seem to never emerge but I am hoping to change that! Since Rose is now 2, there aren't any small babies around any more, we can save for our future wedding.

I feel that wedding planning is really fun when you're starting out. The whole world is your oyster. Nothing is set in stone and I can decide all the quirky things I may like without them being considered a nonviable option just yet.

All this said, I've been looking around and writing down all my little ideas I've found that I am currently liking. I've been on the website Confetti (visit website) which I have found amazing! They have different categories for basically everything you need to know for a wedding.
They have masses of suppliers for everything you can think of (bridal dresses, wedding cakes, photographers, health, hair and beauty, catering, music and DJs, nannies, entertainment, insurance and even speech writers!)

They also seem to have an amazing Wedding Advice section which is perfect for starting to wedding plan as it includes things like children's activity packs, how to include your pet in your wedding and the top 30 best rock wedding songs. These were really interesting to read though and made me think about things I hadn't yet realised I would need to think about.

While searching their website, these are a few ideas I have found and like.

The Semi Naked Wedding Cake 

The semi naked wedding cake is something that I never thought I would like but the more I see them, the more they are growing on me.
I love the simplicity of them, the rustic feel and they are just really cute!
I think this is one thing that I may change my mind on many many times in the planning of the wedding but I do keep coming back to it.

Family Cake Toppers

I can't say I've ever seen this concept before until spotting it on one of the advice posts on Confetti. It's one that caught my eye but I'm not fully sure how I feel about it.
Our children are a big part of our family, as you can understand. To include them on the cake would be an amazing idea and I am really interested to look into this a bit more.

Child Activity Packs 

I have a large family, which also means there are a fair amount children in my family that would be coming to our wedding. All our friends seem to have children too so keeping the kids entertained during the boring speeches and dull change over, children's activity packs seem like the answer to all prayers.

There are many other ideas on the website which I would love to write down on this post (mainly for my memory purposes) which I will keep on revisiting.

Were there any quirky ideas that you had at your wedding?

Saturday, 11 August 2018

My Perfect Future House

The older I get, the more I think about the future. I think about my idea of the perfect house that I can see my children growing up in. I imagine what I believe to be the layout, the interior and the decor.

When you look back to when you were younger, there is always one house in your childhood that stands out more than the rest. Whether it be the house you stayed in longest, had the fondest memories or maybe you've always lived in the same house. Either way, it's usually the house that when you think back, you can remember every single detail. You can remember the design of the wallpaper in each room, the layout of the furniture, the colour of the windows and doors. 

So, as I am growing up, I like to imagine how I can create this perfect house for my children to remember. I think of all the details I remember from my childhood house and try to focus on them. 

The Garden

When I think of my ideal house, I imagine a large grass garden. I imagine a swing set with a slide, a trampoline and plants. I imagine wooden decking with a rattan style table and chairs where I can imagine making fond memories with the kids while they play on the toys and I sit watching them with a cup of tea in hand. I imagine folding doors that join the wall between the garden and the kitchen so when the sun shines, it shines through the windows, casting shadows on the walls. 

The Kitchen

I fondly remember baking in my childhood kitchen with my Mum. I remember where everything was in each cupboard and where the appliances were all situated. 
When I imagine my future kitchen, I imagine it to be bright and light. I imagine black counter tops with white tiles and a black gloss backsplash. 
I can imagine flour scattering the kitchen sides while baking biscuits or a pile of mixing bowls and wooden spoons stacked besides the sink. 

The Living Room

The living room is the room I struggle with the hardest to imagine. It'll probably be the busiest room in the house. It'll be where we sit together and watch movies as a family with popcorn and sweets. It'll be the place where birthday cards will scatter the shelves and the Christmas tree will take pride of place in a corner. 
Despite all of these ideas, I still struggle to imagine the layout. I find it hard to imagine what colour the sofa will be, where the sideboard will sit, how the TV looks. 

Because I just can't seem to imagine what I want, I decided to have a look around and see if I could find anything that I felt was needed for my future living room. 
Firstly, I searched sofas and believe I would like a large, grey corner sofa. 
Secondly, I decided that I would love for the colour scheme to be teal and grey. 
Thirdly, I needed to find the perfect windows for the room as I always imagine a bright, spacious room. I found some amazing window special offers which I thought would be the perfect final touch to my perfect future living room.

 Although my ideas may not be for everyone, I would love to be able to create memories in what I believe to be the perfect home to raise my children. 

Did you have a favourite house growing up?

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Upcoming 2nd and 3rd birthdays!

It's hard to remember just how I was feeling 2 years ago today. I was 3 days overdue with no sign of a baby coming. It's hard to believe it would be another 10 days before she made her appearance, the day before her sisters 1st birthday. 

In just under 2 week, Lily and Rose turn three and two. 

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