Thursday 26 September 2019

Summer to Fall Skincare Routine

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Summer is almost gone and here fall is approaching. Whenever there is a transition of seasons, without careful skin care work, redness, dryness, acne or even allergies may occur. So here today let’s talk about summer to fall skin care routine to get our skin a secure season transition.

Morning skin care routine:
1. Clean your face with mild product or warm water
When the weather tends to be drier, the secretion of oil will decrease. Therefore, people who need strong cleansing product in the summer can now use mild cleanser or warm water to cleanse! This will not only ensure our skin stability but also avoid dryness.

2. Lotion selection
After cleansing, choose a suitable lotion according to our skin types. In the summer, for reduction of the burden on skin, we usually choose light products, and when fall approaches, we have to change the strategy.

3. Serum with different ingredients
Most people may choose to give up some functional serums in the summer, such as anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, and anti-oxidant serums, etc. Because most of us care more about how we feel after applying these products. But as soon as the fall arrives, our plan to improve the skin should  be speeded up.
Of course, it’s better not to give up these functional products completely in the summer. In order to avoid excessive skin burden, we can choose the serums that are more suitable for our skin. After all, The selection of serums are very wide on the market.

4. Sunscreen
Sunscreen is necessary regardless of the season. In addition to its role in delaying aging, it can even be the most powerful way to prevent skin cancer.
But what we should note is that we need to understand the SPF and PA of it. The SPF value represents the time to prevent UVB. Usually, people will get sunburn after exposure to the sun for fifteen minutes, and the 15*SPF value is the time people can prevent UVB. The most commonly referred thing to resist UVA is PA, the more “+” shows after the PA, the product’s ability to prevent UVA is stronger.
But the stronger the sunscreen’s ability is, the more burden will be put on the skin. Therefore, when the sun appears to be friendly, please remember to decrease the SPF and PA value of the sunscreen.

Nighttime skin care routine:
- Removing makeup and cleansing
If there’s makeup on the face, then the first step of nighttime skin care routine is makeup removing. Use the products you favoring to remove it. But to protect sensitive skin, it is better to choose mild makeup remover. If there is no subsequent step after applying sunscreen during the day, then wash your face with a product having stronger cleaning ability will be enough.
- Hydrating
Products used at nighttime are basically the same as during the day. However, for people who want to improve the skin, more functional products should be used on them. But, this may only works for people who have stronger capacity about functional ingredients.
- Serum with different ingredients
Nighttime is the golden time for skin repairing and absorption, so it is worthwhile to ignore your feelings of use and give the skin a bigger boost.

Some skin care tips:
Skin care equipment
All of us may have dreamed of the magic effect skin care equipment working on us, but most of them are expensive.
So today I want to introduce a great skin care device for everyone – the steam face meter. Frequent use of it can make the pores appearing smaller and the face more glowing.
Steps of using: after washing your face, open the pores with it, the clogged substances will be unblocked in the pores and then wash your face. Use it for several times, you’ll see the change on your face.
Should I use moisturizers in the fall?
This depends on your skin condition. If the skin feels a little dry after the above-mentioned nighttime skin care steps, then it is necessary to use a moisturizer.

Skin care is very important for both men and women. Good skin condition can even increase self-confidence and enhance personality. Therefore, skin care is something that should be done seriously for all of us.

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