Wednesday 11 October 2017

Keeping Warm in Winter

Bright and Cheery Winter Coats

There really is nothing bright and cheery about the winter months. It is all too easy to end up feeling a bit blue during the colder months. That is why it is really important to treat yourself to some bright and warmly coloured, clothes. Wearing them is a great way to lift your spirits.
This year there are some wonderful winter coats available that will help you to do just that. Here is my roundup of some of the more zany coat and jacket trends.

Plenty of faux furs

It is clear that a lot of designers have had fun creating faux fur coats. This year, you can buy everything from full-length imitation fur coats to parkas with fluffy hoods. These are perfect for protecting your face from the wind when you are standing at the station waiting for your train.

Zany prints and embroidery

In the past, embroidery was mostly used for casual jackets, perhaps to decorate a denim or bomber jacket, rarely for a full coat. This year, you can find parkas and other styles of coats that feature embroidery. They are really bright and attractive.
A lot of designers are also using print fabrics in their designs. They are taking classics like the parka and making them out of bold floral fabrics. The net result is stunning coats that really do look fresh and unusual. They are just as nice for wearing for work as they would be in the evenings or at the weekend.

Something in red

If you prefer plain coats you do not necessarily have to end up wearing one in black or camel. Warm colours are very much the order of the day, in particular, red. This lovely warm colour will brighten up any winter wardrobe. Although, it is not for everyone if you do not have the right skin tone it is best to opt for something in a gentler pink instead.

Leopard skin and more

Faux leopard skin is also coming back into vogue. You will find everything from full-length coats to short jackets made out of this striking material. If you are not confident about wearing this look, but like leopard skin you could always just buy yourself a leopard skin stole or scarf, instead.

Faux leather

With late 80s fashion inspiring a lot of designers this year it is no surprise to see the biker jacket coming back into vogue. This hang over from the Status Quo era looks great when paired with jeans, but should also work well with leggings or black pants. However, this time around, very few of them are made from real leather. Nonetheless, they still look really good and are really affordable.

How to buy the right size coat

It is a good idea to go shopping for your new coat early. Doing so gives you the most choice because the best cuts do tend to sell out early. Before you go shopping it is worth taking the time to measure yourself. This video shows you how to do it the right way.


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