Tuesday 29 November 2016

Gizmos, Gadgets and Cool Tech Reviews

Gadget lover, gizmo admirer, cool tech worshiper... call me what you wish. I just LOVE all little things electrical. So when I was gifted a few gadgets, my heart skipped a beat! 

Aukey Portable Power Bank

I had been on the hunt for a Power Bank for my iPhone seeing as recently, it has been "dying" at 50% charge and won't turn back on again until I plug it into something. 

I was over the moon to receive this Aukey Portable Power Bank as it was exactly what I was looking for. At 20000mAH it could fully charge my iPhone 6 eleven times from one charge of the power bank.  Even better, this came with 2 USB's so I could charge my iPhone and my tablet at the same

Saturday 26 November 2016

Amazon Cyber Deals Week

Anyone get any major bargains on Black Friday 2016?
Well Amazon are also doing a Cyber Deals Week from 28th Nov - 3rd Dec!
Time to grab even more deals.

As I said in my Black Friday post, if you haven't already signed up for Amazon Prime I would highly recommend it (even just the 30 day trial and cancel before the end!)
You'll be able to get all the benefits of Prime including next day delivery, Prime movies, early access to certain deals and much more! Even better still, you can now pay monthly for Prime at just £7.99 a month!

Comment below any brilliant deals you got on Black Friday?

Monday 21 November 2016

Gifts For The Grown Ups - Under £10

Not sure about you but I always struggle when buying gifts for adults. Chocolate, socks and smellies are about as adventurous as I get although I did once buy my brother in law a mini bottle of WD40 a few years ago. Even so, I am shocking at grown up gifts so this year I have decided to actually to look into other ideas that aren't of my standard three options.  (Click the picture to be directed to the product)

Firstly, I saw this cookbook/ workout book for £8. This is perfect for that family member who always aims to lose weight each New Years. 

Beyonc√©'s perfume is the perfect gift for any female family member (or friend!) It's currently on sale for £10 however usually retails around the £40 mark so is a bargain.

Friday 18 November 2016

Multi-port USB plugs - Our family favourite!

The multi-USB plug is the best invention known to man!
Anyone nowadays knows that you use USB plugs for everything. You need them to charging your phone, tablet, camera and even bedside lamp. They are used for plenty of electrical items. 

I thought I would share this little amazing invention to save you plug space... 

This plug has 2 USB ports and can be found here. It is usually £12.99 but until 28th November, this store has a discount code to get £5 off making it £7.99. Use code EE7IG7BY

This is a bit chunkier but has 3 USB ports which is such a space saver for any family home! It can be found here however as above, has a discount code to receive £3 off until 28th November. Use code GXLA4MHM

I would highly recommend these for any busy family as they are such a space saver and are useful in every room (and could be used on holiday too!)

Don't miss out on the discount codes, only valid until 28/11/16.

Winter Skin Strategy with WaterWipes

We were kindly gifted 4 packs of WaterWipes (2x 60 pack, 2x 10 pack) in exchange for this post. 

When I was pregnant, I heard loads of people mention WaterWipes and was always interested in trying them. I've always been a Huggies baby wipes kinda girl however I think I am now a WaterWipes convert. 

They feel really soft and feel really good quality and I am really happy with them! Even better that they're made with 99.9% purified water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract which means they don't contain any harsh soaps or chemicals and are the only wipes that are endorsed by Allergy UK. 


Caring for baby’s skin in winter

Michelle Comrie, midwife at Southampton Princess Anne Hospital offers the following advice:

  1. When bathing your baby, ensure the temperature of the room is warm to begin with and avoid hot baths as they can dry your baby’s skin. Try and limit them to five to 10 minutes  
  2. Be generous when moisturising your baby using a hypo-allergenic emollient to maintain and protect the natural skin barrier. Coconut oil has also been shown to be an effective natural moisturiser with emollient properties.
  3. Between bathing, remember to regularly clean baby dribble or spit up from their neck area and keep this area dry to avoid ‘dribble rash’. Opt for a chemical free baby wipe, such as WaterWipes, made from purified water and grapefruit seed extract, which is renowned for being a natural skin conditioner.
  4. Your baby is also much more likely to suffer from dry, chapped lips or sore cheeks as their skin is thinner. Try rubbing a small amount of coconut oil on the baby’s face and lips before going outdoors and try and limit the time they spend outdoors when it’s especially cold. 
Hopefully these hints and tips will help you through the winter with your babies! 
Remember, layers, layers, layers. 

Lupilu's Winter Collection - Lidl Baby Clothes

I loved when Lidl brought their Lupilu Organic Clothes out a couple of months ago. They were lovely clothes and brilliant quality, so when I saw they had some new clothes in, I couldn't wait to get my hands on them! They came into stores yesterday so get them while you can. 


I fell in love with their girls foxes designs so bought their fox design knit dress for £3.99 and their 2 pack of fox design long sleeved tops, also £3.99.


The designs on the tops are lovely and the colours are really vibrant. I am a huge fan of the quality of Lupilu clothes, especially for the price! I bought these in 6-12 so they'll fit after Christmas however I'm not wishing I bought them smaller so I can put her in them now because I absolutely love them. 


With the dress, I bought the matching tights to go with it as they looked adorable in the picture on the packaging. I bought the dress in 6-12 months so we have a little time until we grow into it but it'll last a while. 


These tights were £1.49 a pair and are lovely and thick. Perfect winter tights for their knit dress! I bought these in 2-6 months as I feel they have plenty so space in them. 
The reason I bought the tights in a smaller size is because she can wear these now through winter and I will still be able to match up with the dress to the end of winter and not lose out by having them fit in summer and it be too warm. (Haha! England, Summer...) 


Finally, I bought these for £1.99 each. The 2 baby roll necks are perfect for us as R has started teething so dribbles like a fountain. They're fleece backed which makes them lovely and warm, and with them being over the head, it means she (or her sisters) can't pull them off!
The hat was actually from their "boys" range however I loved it for L so bought it. Grey is totally neutral! 
This is also fleece lined and because it has the tassels under the neck, I can tie it up so she can't pull it off! 

I am really happy, yet again, with Lidl's baby clothes! Brilliant quality, lovely designs and plenty of growing room! 

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Christmas Outfit Ideas (Mens)

I've been window shopping again on Amazon (this is a common occurrence) and this time I've been looking through Christmas outfits. I decided I would share the outfits I just LOVE!
I've put together a 0-22-10 yearsWomens and Mens list of outfits which are all Christmas themed!



Christmas Outfit Ideas (Womens)

I've been window shopping again on Amazon (this is a common occurrence) and this time I've been looking through Christmas outfits. I decided I would share the outfits I just LOVE!
I've put together a 0-22-10 yearsWomens and Mens list of outfits which are all Christmas themed!


Christmas Outfit Ideas (2 - 10 years)

I've been window shopping again on Amazon (this is a common occurrence) and this time I've been looking through Christmas outfits. I decided I would share the outfits I just LOVE!
I've put together a 0-22-10 yearsWomens and Mens list of outfits which are all Christmas themed!

2 - 10 Years


Christmas Outfit Ideas (0 - 24 months)

I've been window shopping again on Amazon (this is a common occurrence) and this time I've been looking through Christmas outfits. I decided I would share the outfits I just LOVE!
I've put together a 0-2, 2-10 years, Womens and Mens list of outfits which are all Christmas themed!

0-24 Months

Monday 14 November 2016

Amazon Black Friday Deals #1

First thing's first, if you're in search of major bargains in for Black Friday 2016, Amazon is the place to be! They have got deals spread from the 14th November until the 4th December!

They are currently rolling out deals from now until Black Friday weekend. 
Remember that the deal only lasts until the stock has ran out so get buying now!

Go straight to the deals: Amazon Black Friday homepage

I would highly recommend signing up to Amazon Prime if you don't already have it! It gives you half an hour early access to the Black Friday deals as well as one day delivery and plenty more benefits. Even if you only sign up to the 30 day trial, you'll reap these benefits over the deal period!

Up to 50% off Beauty Products: Here
Up to 80% off Tuscany Silver Jewelry: Here
Minimum of 20% on Rimmel Products: Here
Up to £350 off selected TV's: Here
Up to 50% off Kinnex Toys: Here
Up to 30% off selected Kitchenware Products: Here
Up to 50% off Jack & Jones: Here

For more items, check out the Black Friday homepage: Here

R is 4 months old

Yesterday R turned 4 months old! How crazy! I officially have a 4 month old yesterday and a 16 month old today. They're both learning loads. 

R has started rolling from front to back. She is reaching out more for toys. She is giggling loads. She can sit up in her bumbo and she is still breastfeeding! 
I am still breastfeeding at 4 months old. 
I feel amazing about it. Never did I imagine I would get this far and look, here I am without a worry of stopping. 


L has become much more confident in the last month. She has walked fair distances without her pram, is becoming very independent and has started saying more words to communicate. She dances, she tidies away shoes and toys and she brings me things she wants me to open for her. 

T is sharing a lot more and actually acknowledging that L is becoming bigger and no longer a little baby who she can't really play with. 

I am really happy at how my girls are all developing and learning. 


It's still hard to get a picture of them all together so this is one where R was mid way getting changed, L was watching telly and T was ready for school! 

Sunday 13 November 2016

Our Weekly Meal Plan #3

I have been pleasantly pleased with myself on keeping to my meal plans. They've all gone down a treat too. I feel like I've been eating much healthier because I've been planning them also. 
This week is #3.

Monday Chicken Korma and Rice

Tuesday Lasagne and Garlic Bread

Wednesday Pizza 

Thursday Corned Beef Hash

Friday Full English Breakfast

Saturday Tacos

Sunday Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Would love to know what you've got planned for dinner today? I love trying new recipes out so post below in the comments.

Saturday 12 November 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas for Adults

Struggling to find gifts to buy for family and friends? Yeah, me too! Which is why I've put together a Christmas Gift Ideas list of shops especially aimed to buy those gifts this Christmas for adults.

Everyone loves tea, right? Twinings have some lovely hampers and selections of teas available on their website. Honestly, they are gorgeous!

Etsy have some lovely handmade bits available. Be warned, Etsy can be EXTREMELY addicting!


Shop4World.com do some brilliant offers on Film, Music, Board Games, Clothing and many more! I would highly recommend everyone to have a gander!

AliExpress do many things including clothes for both Men and Women. Check them out!


Gorgeous Cottages
If you're feeling rather generous, maybe buy them a UK break away in a Gorgeous Cottage on the Yorkshire Dales?

Friday 11 November 2016

I've temporarily lost my mojo!

Over the last couple of weeks, I seem to have completely lost my blogging mojo. I have been trying to get it back as best I can but I just don't seem to have the head right now.
I have been suffering quite a lot with migraines and that hand in hand with being allergic to paracetamol, a 3 year old, 16 month old and 4 month old isn't the best combination. 

You see, I suffer with Migraine Aura. This means symptoms can include seeing flashing lights, blind spots, difficulty focusing on things, balance and co-ordination problems, weakness stiffness and tingling in the neck, shoulders or limbs, and difficulty speaking. 
It makes me really lethargic and can also cause me nausea and vertigo. These, yet again aren't the best with 3 under 4!

I am really trying to get my head back in the game but staring at a computer screen for prolonged periods of time isn't helping and I have to do what's best for myself and my health.
I will be writing as much as I can and as often as I can however for the next week or two, I may not be posting as much as I would like to.

Hopefully you'll all understand! 

Tuesday 8 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide - 0-5 Years

Hey! This is the first year I've been blogging over Christmas so this is my first ever Christmas Gift Guide. I have scrolled endlessly at these in previous years and absolutely adore looking at the links and ideas people pass advise. This year, I decided to create one myself.
I am not writing the list in any specific order so please do not dismiss an item because it is last on the list. Some of these products are what I have reviewed in the past so I will also link up the review.


Tellmystorybook.ie create unique personalised children's books. They incorporate the child's face and name throughout the book. Prices start from £18.95 and you can purchase additional features such as a dedication page and gift wrap. I think this would be such a cute gift for any child over the age of 2.

A BuZZy White Christmas Book

A BuZZy White Christmas is a fun and informative book about Christmas. It touches on Baby Jesus and the meaning of Christmas as well as modern day Christmas traditions. This book costs £6.99 and is one of a series of 4. I would say this book is aimed at children between the ages of 3 -5 however any age can enjoy.
To read my full review on this book, click here.

Monday 7 November 2016

Lots of Breastfeeding Tops

Breastfeeding is an amazing thing, however I do have to admit I am getting a little bored of wearing the same style tops or layering a vest underneath the top I'm wearing so I decided to take a little look on Amazon and find some nursing tops which I thought I would share with you all! 
Click the image to be redirected to the Amazon page. 

1. £4.02 (More colours available)

2. £5.12 (More colours available)

3. £9.90 (More colours available)

4. £8.99 (Mostly, more colours available)

5. £12.99 (More colours available)

6. £13.89

7. £8.99

8. £8.99

9. £8.99

10. £11.99

11. £7.99

12. £7.99

13. £12.99 (More colours available)
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