Saturday 22 October 2016

Review: Make Up Bag from Amazon

Anyone else a hoarder of make up? I have so much make up and don't often wear it. I swear most of what I own probably isn't my colour shade any more but I keep it regardless because at some point, I have purchased it and I can't fathom throwing it in the bin even though it'll never get used again.

I do however have my basics that I use each time I wear make up. My foundation, pressed powder, blusher, 2 eye shadow pallets, eye liner and lipstick as well as 3 brushes I use for my foundation, pressed powder and blusher.

I got this make up bag from Amazon and I am thrilled with it! 

As soon as the postie dropped it off, I was upstairs adding all my usual make up to it only to find that I didn't have half as much as I thought I did and I could fit plenty more in.

I decided to raid my "unused" make up stash to see what else I could fit in it and may actually use as they were just sat in a carrier bag in a cupboard and I had long forgotten what most of them were. 

I pulled out some of my nail varnish collection (my favourite colours), some mascara, hand food, sun cream and even put my perfume in the bag. This make up bag seems like Mary Poppins handbag... never ending! It has pockets fit perfectly for brushes too!

Every time I thought I had enough bits and bobs in this bag, I found another pocket I hadn't unzipped yet. There is actually so much space in this bag; it's amazing! 

I would highly recommend this make up bag to anyone who has lots of make up. It would double up brilliantly as a travel bag also which you could store your shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in. 

The link to this bag is here

They also have Green, Grey and Blue available.

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