Saturday 1 October 2016

Interview with a Mummy - Irish Twins #1

Name: Nicole
How old are you? 29
Where are you from? New York, USA
How many children do you have? 2
How old are your children? 13 months old and 3 months old. 
What are their genders? My first is a boy, my second is a girl!


1.Was this planned or did it come as a shock? 
A TOTAL shock. Our first was conceived after four years of infertility treatments and procedures. We were told by two doctors we would never conceive. Then... magically... we got a big surprise with our second.

2. How was your pregnancy? Did you have any complications in either pregnancy? 
Both of my pregnancies were great!

3. What number pregnancy were your Irish twins? 
1 & 2.

4. Do you want any more children? 
Yes we do!

5. Do you think there is any stigma to having children so close in age? 
I do. People judge, a lot. Makes us feel like we have to explain "why" they're so close in age.

6. Would you say you're a strict or laid back parent? 
I am very laid back. I think you have to be!!

7. What piece of advice would you give someone who is expecting their youngest Irish twin? 
It's not as bad as you think it is. I was terrified the entire pregnancy that I lost out on truly enjoying my oldest and his first milestones. I was nervous I would never be able to love another baby like I loved him and I felt like I was stealing his innocence and childhood too young. Now, when I see the joy she brings him and how he's learning to be kind and gentle, my heart overflows. Yes I'm exhausted, but what new mom isn't!?

8. Have you ever had any rude comments from a family member or friend? If so, what? 
Oh we get the "don't you have a tv?" Comment a lot...

9. Have you ever had any rude comments from a stranger? If so, what? 
Most people will look at me with pity and say "oh your hands must be full!" I reply "my heart is pretty full, too!" That usually shuts them down.

10. Have you ever had any nice comments from a stranger? If so, what? 
Most older moms that have Irish twins or individuals that are Irish twins love to reminisce about what it was like for them, those moms and Irish twins give great advice. I make sure I listen good! They're always so positive, too. They tell me "no one thought twice about getting pregnant right away." Makes me feel like I'm not alone.

11. Would you say the close age gap was easier or harder than a bigger age gap? 
I don't really know the answer to this because it's all I know but my friends who have kids with bigger age gaps will see my daily routine and tell me I've got it harder... maybe it's better this is all I know, haha!

12. Any final advice? 
You'll never get the days back when they both want to cuddle you and squeeze you all day. You'll never get the moments back when they need you to feed them, bathe them, hold them. Cherish it and realize that you've given your child the most amazing gift... a sibling to grow old with and love them unconditionally. With Irish twins there's no time for jealousy or uneasiness. They're all they know! I wouldn't change a thing!

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  1. How can this mom do it all? I am very impressed with her achievements. She's a big guy! After the divorce, I was completely exhausted and could not come to my senses for a long time, now I am slowly returning to my former life, but already in the role of a single mother.


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