Sunday 2 October 2016

Bepanthen Bedtime Challenge


Bepanthen challenged us to take on their bedtime challenge by using their nappy cream just before bad as to protect our babies tiny little tooshies over the longest period a day without a nappy change!
They gifted us a 30g tube to include in our nighttime routine!

L was very happy to take on this challenge! 

I have to admit, I have always been a Sudocrem kind of girl and my sister has always been a Bepanthen lover however after this, I am a convert!

L did have the start of a rash coming on because at the moment, she has acid pee! She's getting her molars and they're not being very nice on her! 

I used a pea sized dollop of Bepanthen and it went so far! No more having to use huggings of nappy cream to cover everywhere! 

The morning after, I was amazed! The slight rash that was coming had completely disappeared! No sign of it at all!

I didn't know if this was a coincidence or not so I used Bepanthen for the following 3 days and no sign of this rash! 

I missed one day (accidentally) and said rash decided it was time to make an appearance again. Bepanthen that night and *poof* it had gone again! 

Bepanthen convert here!

L is so much happier with a rash free bottom!

Our Bedtime Essentials 
Baby grow
Bedtime story book
Bottle of milk
Bepanthen nappy ointment

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