Monday, 12 September 2016

Review: Pure Collection by Lupilu - Lidl Organic Baby Clothes

I love organic clothes for my girls. They just feel much nicer, softer and seem to last longer. The only downside to organic clothes is there is usually an higher price tag that comes along with them. 

I was in Lidl earlier checking out their baby sale and they've brought out a collection of neutral organic baby clothes and better yet, they're all £5 or under! 

They had sizes 0-2 month, 2-6 month, 6-12 month and 12-24 month. These sizes are wider than normal so I struggled to find the sizes I wanted which usually would be larger looking 0-3, smaller looking 3-6 for R and 12-18 for L. I opted for 2-6 for R and 12-24 for L out of the Lidl sizes. 

They are all VERY generous with their sizes. Although R can wear 3-6 month in most other shops, the 2-6 seems to bag off her (just means she can wear it longer!) and similarly with L.

The quality of the range is amazing! Super soft and stretchy. 

I bought some tights for R for £1.49 and they are really thick and warm. They are slightly longer in the leg with a stretchy waist so I can see these lasting past 6 month old! 

The t-shirts they've got are gorgeous at £2.99! I bought a couple of matching tops for R and L. 

Cardigans are really nice too and for only £4.99 each are really cheap! They have some that are aimed more at boys in their range too with navy stripes as well as some slightly more girly with gorgeous lace collars.

They have wrap vests in too for £3.99 for a pack of 2 which are a bit fiddly to do up but with some practice, I can see being very useful for changing a sleeping baby on a night or if there has been any blow outs! 

In all, I am really impressed with Lidl's new organic baby range, although slightly different age ranges, are thick, good quality clothes with a lot of growing room per size. 


  1. They look so sweet on! I have the 3-6 for Cora and not tried them on her yet but it is great to know they are a bit longer as I think she is going to be a tall girl! I think the tights are my favourite, they look lovely and thick.

    1. The tights are gorgeous! I wish they did them in adult sizes ;)
      They feel much thicker than normal tights and will be lovely for winter!

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