Tuesday 13 September 2016

Review: GroBag Gro-Snuggle Newborn

It's quite common for newborns to like to be swaddled. It makes them feel safe, secure and can relax them so for some newborns, can be the essential key to lasting a few extra hours during the night!
The most common swaddling blankets you find are a large shaped blanket that you have to fold around and tuck in various places. The Grobag company has simplified this by creating the Gro- Snuggle which is essentially a cross between a Snuggle blanket and a GroBag sleeping bag. 

R is still a big fan of being swaddled so when a friend of mine gifted me this Gro Snuggle, I was extremely excited to try it out! 

The GroBag Gro-Snuggle had poppers above the shoulders which allows you to swaddle babies arms in or out. This is a brilliant feature as the older the baby gets, the more likely they'll want to have their arms a bit more free, I know R does now. 

Another great feature of this swaddle blanket is that it is extremely simple! No folding, no messing about and the perfect fit, not too tight or too loose. Because seriously, who needs to focus on folding a swaddle blanket correctly at 3am?!

It has a zip that opens from the bottom so makes it easy to change nappies during the night. 
It is extremely a good quality stretchy cotton material, light weight and feels lovely and soft to touch. 
I wish they did these in adult sizes! 

The only downside to this is that it only comes in one size - newborn. R is currently 8 weeks old and around 12lb. She still fits happily in this but I can see us outgrowing this sooner rather than later. 

I am extremely impressed with the ease of this swaddle blanket and will be perfect to transition R into a proper sleeping bag. 


  1. oh she is just too cute! This looks like a great swaddle, I am gutted that Cora never wanted to be wrapped

    1. It looks so comfortable and I love the shape of this one! :D And I'm pretty sure R does too! ;)

  2. Used to love using our Grobags. Such cool baby 'bedding' and always used here to help the monkeys realise it was bedtime.


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