Saturday 12 March 2016

The Manchester Baby and Toddler Event Review

So today we went to EventCity Manchester Baby and Toddler event.

Overall, it was a bit overwhelming with quite a large selection of prams and a few smaller stalls.

On entrance we received a free NUK baby bottle which was nice and while walking around, received a Mam bottle and soother.

I was slightly disappointed that there weren't any cloth nappy stalls at the event as that would have been lovely to go over to and question however it wasn't just cloth nappies as there were no stalls promoting nappies at all.

We made a big purchase today though. We bought our double pram!
There were a few stalls that had double prams available out of all the pram stalls so we just focused on them (iCandy, Baby Jogger, Bugaboo, Oyster, Egg and ABC Design to name a few)
I had my heart set on a side by side pram. There were only 2 stalls that did these. Bugaboo and Baby Jogger.
After a very limited talk with the lady on Bugaboo, we went to visit the Baby Jogger stand to be greeted and shown a lovely demonstration by the staff. She spoke to us about packages and add ons and answered any question we could throw at her.

We parted with our money and have purchased a GORGEOUS purple Baby Jogger City Mini Double 2016.

Overall, the experience of going to the event was lovely as you get the glow of all the newborns and pregnant ladies around you but it could have had a wider selection of stalls and I do begrudge spending £3 for a bottle of Coca Cola!

T did enjoy hiding under the tables at the eating area but the whole thing did completely tire her out!


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