Thursday, 10 March 2016

Baby Name Struggle

Baby names.

Now that is the question everyone is asking. "Have you got any names in mind?" or "Guessing you've ran out of girls names with this being your third?"

I wrote a list of names I liked for my partner to read through the other day and he said no to every single one of them. Apparently they're all "weird" or spelt wrong.

We have a bit of a thing going on with our kids names. First and middle names both contain 4 letters each.

I'm struggling now to think of baby girls names that are 4 letters each and I like the sound of.

My list consisted of 
Casy/ Kacy, 
Hali (like Halle), 
and Katy.

The struggle will continue for the next 4 month until we find our perfect name. Although, my choice would be Eden Rose... He'll just have to convince me of something nicer 

Anyone think of any nice 4 letter girls names?

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