Thursday 30 September 2021

How To Baby Proof Your Home

Whenever you become a parent, the safety of your child becomes your number one priority- your maternal instinct means you’ll do anything to protect the precious life you created. Right from the start you ensure you’re taking care of yourself during pregnancy. You spend time researching and planning birth options in the hopes of avoiding complications and birth injury claims. You read up on safe sleep, car seat safety, good hygiene practices and you of course baby proof your home. You might consider your home a safe space but you’d be surprised how many things are a hazard to little ones. To help you make a few adjustments, follow these tips.

The Kitchen & Bathroom

To baby-proof your kitchen and bathroom you’ll need to put locks on any cupboards that contain harmful substances or products. Cleaning products, knives, and medication all need to be locked away to prevent your little one from accessing them.

In the kitchen, you might also want to buy stove knob covers, (this way your baby will have no way of turning these). In the bathroom you may want to invest in a lock for the toilet seat, a non-slip bath mat and a cover for the bath tap. It’s best to also have a lock on the outside of the door, (it’s unlikely that you’ll want your baby to crawl in here unattended).

The Living Room & Bedrooms

If your living room has a fire you should buy a fireguard to keep your baby safe. If your furniture has sharp edges you can buy special corner cards to make your furniture safer.

When you’re choosing furniture items ensure that you choose VOC-free fabrics and materials, (and this goes for your whole house). You should also buy childproof covers for all the electrical outlets, (or those at ground level). Do you have cordless blinds in your rooms? If so it’s best to replace these with non-cordless options.

Ideally the furniture in your baby’s bedroom should have rounded edges instead of sharp edges. In your baby's bedroom ensure that you have a thick carpet and lots of rugs. It’s much safer to have a soft floor while your baby is playing. If you’re buying a toy box choose an open box without a heavy lid. Inspect your baby's room carefully, look out for anything that could be a hazard, and remove the item if possible.

General Safety Gear 

There are plenty of general safety items that you’ll need around your home. For instance, you’re going to need baby safety gates. These gates can stop your little one from accessing the stairs, or help them to play safely in one room.

Taking your baby out in the car? It’s a good idea to get UV coverings for your car windows. Doing so will help to protect your baby from harmful UV rays. 

For a range of baby safety gear check out the Foryourlittleone website. Here you’ll find lots of different baby safety items plus a range of furniture, pushchairs, and more.

When you’re preparing for a baby it’s incredibly important that you baby-proof your home. The home can be a dangerous place for little ones unless you take the right precautions. Using these steps you’ll create a safe and healthy home that you can be proud of.

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