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Want The Ultimate Sanctuary Bedroom? The Tips To Help You Create It

When it comes to your home, your bedroom can be a little low on the priority list when it comes to decorating. As a parent, there tends to be rooms that you focus on first. You may want to tackle some of the bigger projects first of all. As a family you may want to decorate a kitchen, or have a new one installed. Extend your home to make the living space more compatible with your family life. Renovate the bathroom and certainly decorate the children's bedrooms. So you can see why your bedroom probably ranks much lower than some of the other jobs and projects in your home.

However, this isn't how it should be. As a busy parent, there is so much that you already sacrifice for your family. Your time, your livelihood, your efforts into making your family life a happy and fulfilling one. But you cannot fill from an empty cup, and sometimes you just need a little time for yourself. having a decent bedroom to escape to at night when everyone is asleep, or just to be able to take five minutes peace and quiet while your other half looks after the kiddos, can make a world of difference to your mood and how you feel with your mental wellbeing. So here are some of the ways that you can turn your bedroom into a sanctuary.

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Give it a fresh coat of paint

Painting a room can make the biggest difference to how it looks. It may not have had much love for a while, so getting rid of old wallpaper, and giving the walls a fresh new identity could be the only thing you need to do to give the room the lift it needs. Think about your colour choices. Maybe go for something that is calming. Perhaps your favourite colour in a pastel version or something that is bedroom appropriate. There are some great colour suggestions online, some to promote calmness, some to promote sleep, so figure out what it is you want and then g for something that matches in with that.

Invest in a new bed and mattress

The next thing you could consider would be to invest in a new bed or mattress. Again we can put these sorts of purchase low on the priority list, but it is important for you to get quality sleep. As a parent it is a running joke that you don’t get much sleep at night, children needing attention, babies needing feeding, and so it can be all consuming and hard to relax if you then don’t feel comfortable in your bed. A supportive mattress can aid you in having a decent sleep. It is said that you should change your mattress every eight years, so when was the last time you changed yours?

Dress your bedroom exactly how you like it

You want your bedroom to feel like a sanctuary, and a great way to replicate that look is to dress your room appropriately. That means things like new bedding, and even looking at the cushions you use to decorate the bed and having a lovely furnishings. A great way to look it, is as you feel when you are in a hotel. They always look pristine so use it as inspiration such as having a bed runner and smart cushions and style. Maybe looking at hotel quality bed runners from Richard Haworth or cushions from your favourite home interiors store is the best place to start. You will find there will be a lot of inspiration just by browsing online.

Declutter and organise more effectively

Clutter and having too many things out or in the bedroom space can do more harm than good. Many people say that a busy house creates a busy mind, so you won’t want to replicate that in your bedroom when you want to relax. Take some time to declutter your things and find some organisation in the chaos. Maybe trying things out like the Konmari method from Marie Kondo could be a great place to gain some inspiration on clutter, mess and tidying.

A clean space will make you feel better

Finally, a clean space can make a big difference to how you feel and so it may be time to give your bedroom a deep clan. Hoover the floors, wipe the skirting boards, dust the furniture and window sills and ensure the bed linen is clean and crisp. It is the small things that can make the biggest difference to your bedroom and how you feel.

Let’s hope that these tips help you when it comes to creating the ultimate sanctuary in your bedroom.

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