Tuesday 3 July 2018

Upcoming 2nd and 3rd birthdays!

It's hard to remember just how I was feeling 2 years ago today. I was 3 days overdue with no sign of a baby coming. It's hard to believe it would be another 10 days before she made her appearance, the day before her sisters 1st birthday. 

In just under 2 week, Lily and Rose turn three and two. 

I'm going to admit, it has been hard work. There have been ups and downs. Times that I've felt like sitting in a corner and crying, other times that I am crying and gleaming with pride. Either way, there has been lots of crying. 

Sometimes they can be the worst of enemies, other times they can be the best of friends. They both know what buttons to press to wind up each other, and they both know how to tag team to wind up Mummy but I speak with my whole heart when I say that I wouldn't change them for the world. 

It's strange to look at pictures of them both over the last couple of years because of how much they have grown and changed. They've both become (to the most part) polite, happy, caring little girls who make me so proud at how far they've come every single day. 

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