Friday 30 June 2017

My ABC's of Parenting

I decided to sum up my parenting experience by using the alphabet. Although these may suit everyone, this list is something personal to me. 

A - Attitude 
All three of my girls have an attitude problem!

B - Breastfeeding/ Bottle Feeding
I've breast and bottle fed. I'm currently 1 year into my third breastfeeding journey.

C - Clothes
There are so many clothes in this house that I could probably clothe an army of small girls.

D - Depression
I have suffered with prenatal and postnatal depression

E - Exhaustion
Lack of sleep causes exhaustion and my youngest loves to see 5am!

F - Fruit
The amount of fruit we go through a week is unbelieveable. 

G - Granny Panties
Just because comfort comes before sexy. Priorities. 

H - Hair Loss
I suffered with post partum hairloss after all of my pregnancies.

I - Irish Twins
My youngest two have less than 1 year between their birthdays.

J - Jokes
My 4 year old has recently started making up her own jokes. They're hilareous! 

K - Kalms
Sometimes I just need a bit of an aid.

L - "Love You"
Having two of my girls saying "I love you" is the sweetest thing I've heard.

M - Memories
Making memories, capturing memories and sharing memories. These are things I will forever cherish.

N - Nappies
Cloth and disposable. We use them both. 

O - Ovaltine
Just to drink on an evening to calm down and unwind after a busy day.

P - Peppa Pig
Need I say more?

Q - Questions
Being asked 10,000 questions a day! Why?

R - Rainbow Babies
All three of my daughters are my rainbow babies. They're all babies born after loss - the rainbow after the storm.

S - Stretchmarks
My tiger stripes! I've definitely earned them.

T - Twinning
There is nothing better than being able to find matching outfits for all of my girls to wear.

U - Uniform
Because this is now part of my life for the next 18 years.

V - Vomit 
Children seem to do a lot of this...

W - Wishes
My wishes for the future have all changed since I've had kids. My priorities are my children.

X - XOXO (Hugs and Kisses!) 
One of the best parts of being a parent.

Y - Yelling
Unfortunately, this happens a lot in my house. My three girls argue constantly... I can only imagine whats in store once puberty hits.

Z -  Zoflora
To cover up the smell of nappies and milk!

Would you have a similar alphabet to me? What would you change? What would you add?


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