Monday 5 June 2017

In light of recent events - I heart Manchester, I heart London

I try to keep negative things on my blog to a minimum. I would much rather talk positive and smile about everything however in light of recent events, I just need somewhere to write.

We bring children in to this world to bring joy and happiness. We teach them how to be good people, to be nice to people. We teach them that if you're nice to others that they'll be nice back.

Unfortunately that isn't always the case. There are some vile human beings out there. Horrible horrible people. People that believe that killing people and starting war is the way forward. They believe that they're doing good deeds.

The other day, there was a man waving a machete around outside the school at 3.25! It wasn't anything to do with the school or anyone inside. It wasn't an act of terrorism. He was just an angry man doing an angry thing.

I had to explain to my four year old why we were kept in the school grounds, not allowed to leave the front gates. Why there was chaos and rumor all around. I explained in the simplest words I could; "there was a bad man trying to hurt people and the police came to take him to jail."
Not many questioned followed. She understood as much as was needed.

How do you explain to a four year old that there is a group of religious extremists trying to start war with our country? How do you explain that in the past 2 weeks, there has been dozens of people killed and many more injured all because this group want to get a point across. A point that only they are aware of.

The answer is... you don't.
I know that she will need to know things when she is older. She will inevitably hear things and learn things from school. I can not bubble wrap her all her life but for the time being, she is a happy young innocent little girl who need not know of all the bad in this world.

I would like to send my condolences to all of the families affected by both the Manchester attack and London attacks.

A tribute to Manchester by Tony Walsh.

This is the place
In the north-west of England. It’s ace, it’s the best
And the songs that we sing from the stands, from our bands
Set the whole planet shaking.
Our inventions are legends. There’s nowt we can’t make, and so we make brilliant music
We make brilliant bands
We make goals that make souls leap from seats in the stands
And we make things from steel
And we make things from cotton
And we make people laugh, take the mick summat rotten
And we make you at home
And we make you feel welcome and we make summat happen
And we can’t seem to help it
And if you’re looking from history, then yeah we’ve a wealth
But the Manchester way is to make it yourself.
And make us a record, a new number one
And make us a brew while you’re up, love, go on
And make us feel proud that you’re winning the league
And make us sing louder and make us believe that this is the place that has helped shape the world
And this is the place where a Manchester girl named Emmeline Pankhurst from the streets of Moss Side led a suffragette city with sisterhood pride
And this is the place with appliance of science, we’re on it, atomic, we struck with defiance, and in the face of a challenge, we always stand tall, Mancunians, in union, delivered it all
Such as housing and libraries and health, education and unions and co-ops and first railway stations
So we’re sorry, bear with us, we invented commuters. But we hope you forgive us, we invented computers.
And this is the place Henry Royce strolled with Rolls, and we’ve rocked and we’ve rolled with our own northern soul
And so this is the place to do business then dance, where go-getters and goal-setters know they’ve a chance
And this is the place where we first played as kids. And me mum, lived and died here, she loved it, she did.
And this is the place where our folks came to work, where they struggled in puddles, they hurt in the dirt and they built us a city, they built us these towns and they coughed on the cobbles to the deafening sound to the steaming machines and the screaming of slaves, they were scheming for greatness, they dreamed to their graves.

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