Tuesday 24 January 2017

We are weaning!

Sunday (last week) marked our first day of weaning. Something that has been put to the back of my thoughts for so long. It marks the first day of my last ever weaning journey. Saturday marked the last day of my exclusively breastfeeding journey. It is a bitter sweet feeling. My final baby girl is growing up and whats more, she was more than ready for it.

We've decided to take more of a BLW approach to R however will still be feeding purees, pouches and yogurts. 

The first thing we gave R was a piece of broccoli and she demolished it! I was amazed watching her eat. Although she has never eaten food before, she knew instinctively what to do with this piece of broccoli. 

Since her first time weaning, she has had a few other little bits to eat however nothing prepared as a meal yet.
Once we get into actually eating, I will do more meal prep however at the moment I am really happy that she is enjoying eating.

We have so far tried a Courgette, Pea and Leak with a hint of mint Piccolo Organic Baby Pouch which has taken a couple of attempts to get used to however now she is a fan.

We also tried a Natural Yogurt mixed with strawberry puree which although looked yummy, I think she was too interested in playing with the awesome Tommee Tippee Airplane Spoon! We'll just keep persevering with this one. 

Toast has gone down a massive hit. At first I didn't want to give her any however after she stole a soldier from her sisters breakfast and demolished it, every time I give them toast, she has a slither!

This is just the start of our weaning journey. We will be trying new things, new flavors and new recipes. We will be introducing a free flowing water cup and persevering with traditional spoon fed as well as baby led weaning.

Wish us luck!

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