Thursday 26 January 2017

Starting Slimming World shopping list

I'm on quite a lot of Facebook groups related to Slimming World and have joined up to Slimming World online. When I first started, I was kind of dropped in the deep end as I didn't have anyone to ask basic questions to so I've asked other members online for help when needed.

When I first started, I wasn't sure what I would need on my first shopping list so it was one of the questions I put to the people of Facebook and these were the answers everyone seemed to agree on as well as a few I have added myself.

  1. Potatoes - for wedges, mash, basked, boiled, new potatoes, roast potatoes etc
  2. Salad items - lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, celery etc
  3. Vegetables! Vegetables! Vegetables! - Kale is an amazing superfood!
  4. Fruit - Apples, oranges, cherries, pears and melon are all super speed
  5. Pasta
  6. Pickled beetroot
  7. Lean meats - less than 5% mince, chicken, pork with all visible fat removed
  8. Frylight 
  9. Tinned tomatoes - perfect base for bolognese sauce with kidney beans 
  10. Kidney beans - perfect base for bolognese sauce with tomatoes
  11. Mug Shots 1% fat
  12. Mushy peas
  13. Muller light yogurts
  14. Worcestershire sauce 
  15. Plenty of herbs and spices
  16. Fat free fromage frais
  17. Fat free yogurt
  18. Quark soft cheese
  19. Quorn mince
  20. Balsamic vinegar - perfect for a free salad dressing
Although these may not be to your taste, these are all things I have based most of my meals around.

These are also brilliant choices for fruit and vegetables if you're on Slimming World.

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