Saturday 14 January 2017

Interview with a Mummy - Blogger #11

Name: Lauren 
How old are you? 27
Where are you from? Norfolk 
How many children do you have? 1
How old are your children? 3 this month
What are their genders? Boy called Dilan

1. What is your blog url? 

2. What was the inspiration behind your name? 
4. Is blogging a job or a hobby to you? 
5. Do you think there is any stigma to being a parent blogger? 
6. What is your favourite post you have written? (Please link) 
7. What is your favourite post you have read? (Please link) 
8. Have you ever had any rude comments from family members or friends about your blog? If so, what?
10. Have you ever had any nice comments from a strangers you've ever mentioned you blog? If so, what? 
11. Do you have any advice to give others starting out? 
12. Any final words of wisdom? 

My blog name came from my Instagram account originally. As a single mum most of our adventures are just the two of us so it was an obvious choice for us. 

3. What made you decide to start blogging? 
I began sharing what we were getting up to on Instagram a while ago, and I got to know so many amazing people who inspired me to share more. Motherhood can be so amazing, but also so difficult and at times lonely. I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings and show other parents that they aren't alone when they are struggling. 

At the moment I'm still really new to the blogging world so it's a hobby but I would love to make it a job or at least part of a job in the future. 

I know that some bloggers get comments from people about how they just "get loads of free stuff" - which of course isn't true because so much work goes into each post, but I've only ever had positive comments from people who are aware of how much effort you really have to put in to be successful. 

Rock Bottom was one of the first posts I ever wrote, and I originally just posted it on Facebook. Writing it was like therapy for me, and since publishing it I've had so many people tell me they have been in that place, or they are there now and are so grateful for the light at the end of the tunnel. I felt so vulnerable posting it but the response gave me the confidence to continue writing. 

Claire and her family (nedintheclouds) are some of the most inspirational people I've ever come across. Every once of Claire's posts is amazing and definitely worth checking out along with her beautiful Instagram feed. Here's one of my favourites 

Never. I kept my blog a secret from my parents for a while because I wasn't sure what they would think. Sometimes I can share thoughts and feelings on my blog that I wouldn't even talk to them about so I did have worries about them reading it. When they eventually found out (through Twitter!) they were so proud, I think my dad has sent my link to every person he's ever met! 

So many people have reached out to me and said that I've really helped them in one way or another by writing honestly about motherhood and the situations I've faced. That's really what makes doing it worth it for me. It's so heartwarming to know you've touched someone else and made a difference. A lady I barely knew approached me in the park one day and told me she loved my blog, that was a really really lovely feeling. 

I think it's easy to start comparing yourself to other blogs and to get distracted by focussing on attracting opps and brands, but ultimately you need to remember why you started and keep doing it because you enjoy it. The rest will come. 

Be honest, be genuine and be real. If that comes across in your writing then your blog will be a success in no time. 

13. Please link your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 

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