Thursday 8 December 2016

KidloLand App Review

When it comes to tablets for T, I am very apprehensive. What can a three year old learn on a tablet that wouldn't be better done without technology involved? I'm not the biggest fan of gadgets for small children but I have to admit, I am pleasantly surprised with KidloLand.

KidloLand is a child friendly educational app that can help teach kids phonics, numbers, colours, shapes and nursery rhymes as well as solving puzzles and putting together jigsaws. 


Some of the games on the app were puzzle based which really took T's interest. She particularly liked one which reminded me of a Python Tile Puzzle however rather than sliding them, they rotated - much more suitable for a 3 year old.

At first, T needed quite a lot of help playing some of the games as she was struggling to drag and drop things on the screen which a lot of the games are based this way. After a couple of days, she was a pro at doing this and enjoyed playing some of their Christmas games (which pleasantly appeared after an update) including sorting coloured presents into sacks and placing different ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Although T hasn't been a fan of the nursery rhymes, L - who is 1 year old, really enjoys them. She loves the videos play while the song is being sang and it is an added bonus that the videos are also interactive while the song is playing. I am really happy that the rhymes had the words on the bottom of the screen as there were some songs that I didn't recognize.

L took a liking to Wheels On The Bus as we often sing it together however because of the app, we have now learn the words to 3 different versions which is brilliant as we can spruce song time up a bit now!

At first, I thought that an app aimed at 0-5 couldn't really contain much and it would get boring rather fast. Oh boy was I wrong. The app has 27 sections on it's main menu:

Nursery Rhymes 1-20
ABCD Songs
Learn to Trace
Nursery Rhymes 21-25
Chomping Monsters
Popping Time
Magic Words
Create & Play Occupations
Create & Play Places Around Us
Wheels on the Bus
Weather & Seasons
Old MacDonald Songs
Animal Kingdom
Fruits & Vegetables
Row Your Boat
Numbers 1-100
Colours & Shapes
Months & Days
Christmas Songs

So as you can see, it isn't a tiny app at all! All of the catagories have lots of things in each of them too which you can download in small groups (and delete in groups also if you need the space) which means that although the app doesn't require lots of space on initial download, it does when you actually get going and want to use the content. 

Overall, there are 300+ activities to use which is ideal for long car journeys or flights because it means they'll have HOURS of educational fun. 

The only downfall I have found with this app other than the amount of space it takes up is that T is currently learning letters and phonics at nursery however she is learning phonics using small letters rather than capital and the app uses capital letters which I find confuses her which means we won't be putting that part of the app to good use at the present moment as to not complicate things. 

The Kidloland App can be downloaded on iOSGoogle Play and Amazon Appstore. 
It is free to download and has a few free songs which your kids will love! 

Once you've had a play, you can also buy the subscription

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