Tuesday 1 November 2016

My Aldi Bargains

Christmas is upon us and I've been on the look out for Christmas bargains for the girls. I nipped into Aldi yesterday to grab some bits and bobs and ended up a little bit lighter in the pocket. However I do only mean a little.
I left the shop with a dozen Christmas presents for under £20 which I was extremely impressed by. 

I managed to pick up some sticker books for 49p each. T absolutely adores stickers so I thought these were an absolute bargain find! They had 8 different books so we picked up one of each. 


My other bargain was some giant floor puzzles.
They had 4 different styles so inevitably, I bought all 4. They were only £1.99 each and look really fun and educational. Although they say 3+ on them, I believe they'll be alright for T (aged 3) and L (17 months) to play with together. 

All the puzzles contain little books inside too with the pictures from the jigsaw which I thought was a brilliant idea and will help a lot. 



I can't believe I'm Christmas shopping already! It doesn't seem close enough, even though I know it's in less than 2 months! 

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? What bargains have you managed to grab? 

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