Tuesday 18 October 2016

Review: Mountain Warehouse Bargains

I bagged some bargains from Mountain Warehouse eBay store on Sunday evening! They arrived next day delivery on Monday morning.
Just £1.99 each for some absolutely gorgeous t-shirts. Better yet, they also included free delivery. 

There were 5 or 6 choices for girls and some of the same designs but in different colours. I was pleasantly surprised at what they had on their eBay store. 

I bought this tee for T. I had heard from others that Mountain Warehouse often came up small and because I have daughters who are quite big for their age, I opted to go for 5/6 although T is only 3. 
I am glad that I chose this size as I would say this is the size she needs. Any smaller and I doubt it would fit. 

I bought the following 2 tees for L. Yet again, I bought these in 2 sizes bigger. These are 2/3 and fit my 15 month old perfectly. 

I am in love with the brightness of the colours and designs. The quality of the tops are amazing and I can't fault that at all. 
The flamingo design is appliquéd which is a nice touch. The feathers and Russian Dolls are both printed on but still seem really well done so I'm holding out hope that they wash really well and don't start pealing like others I've bought from different places. 

They also have a lovely selection of boys tops on their store too so I would highly recommend having a look!

I am really pleased with my bargains and will keep an eye out on Mountain Warehouse for any more I find! 

Links to the items below.

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