Thursday 13 October 2016

Review: Jungle Jam Book

We were gifted Jungle Jam in return for this review.
Jungle Jam is an educational children's book designed for children under 5 years old. It is written as an introduction to musical instruments as Mikey the Monkey goes on an adventure to become famous but discovers that he must work with others to turn his dreams into reality.

 Along with our copy of Jungle Jam was a small jigsaw and fridge magnet which T absolutely adored! It's the small things that count!
The book was fun to read as it was a rhyming book making it flow. It has repetitive verses which meant that once T got into the hang of things, she enjoyed helping me finish off the sentence.

The illustrations are really colourful and fit perfectly with the book. T enjoyed telling me which animal was which on every page we turned to as well as all the different instruments she recognized! I can tell that she enjoyed the book very much as she asked the following night to be read it again!

I was really impressed with the end of the book. It included some pages with instructions to make your own instruments. I thought this was a lovely thought and such a brilliant added bonus!
We will definitely be referring back to the crafts for rainy days! They look fun to do and simple enough for both my 3 year old and even possibly my 1 year old to enjoy!

Jungle Jam is currently on sale on Amazon - Here for £5.99
You can also visit 
Jungle Jam is the first book in a series of books that are currently in development. The series will introduce young readers to different music genres and influences as well as various musical instruments from all over the world. The books will include themes that focus on skills and learning that are crucial in both band playing, and life, such as; working together as a team, listening to and respecting others, setting goals and self- discipline.


  1. Jungle Jam's great! They've got songs about each character on their website!

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