Sunday 16 October 2016

Interview with a Mummy - Irish Twins #6

Name: Lauren
How old are you? 28
Where are you from? Luton, England 
How many children do you have? 2
How old are your children? Nearly 2 and just turned 1 (18 days between their birthdays)
What are their genders? Boy and Girl


1.Was this planned or did it come as a shock? 
My first we had been trying for 8 months, we had decided to try for baby number 2 when number 1 would have been about 6 months old. Husband thought we would take another 8 months to fall.
It was a complete shock to find I was expecting again, my boy was 3 months old, I mostly feared people's opinions.

2. How was your pregnancy? Did you have any complications in either pregnancy? 
Pregnancy with both were very straightforward, my youngest rarely moved so I was in a couple of times for that. Labour was quite traumatic because it was very fast. My first was a long induction with a forceps delivery. My second ended up being prolonged ruptures but when labour established it last 20 minutes!

3. What number pregnancy were your Irish twins? 
1 and 2

4. Do you want any more children? 
I would love another child, but as we have one of each it does seem an ideal moment to stop.
We shall see what the future brings on that one.

5. What piece of advice would you give someone who is expecting their youngest Irish twin? 
My advice for future It mum's, be ok with losing yourself quite often, don't feed those feelings of guilt that either child is missing out, they just gain other experiences, and join moms of Irish twins on Facebook for support.

6. Have you ever had any rude comments from a stranger? If so, what? 
I received a lot of comments about not wasting any time, I was disgusted by one woman at work who made really crude comments about my sex life while I was in the room, but now I get comments from strangers "you have your hands full", it's like they can't help themselves from saying anything.

7. Would you say the close age gap was easier or harder than a bigger age gap? 
I only have these two but now my youngest is one I already am glad I merged the tiny baby stage into one, now she's independent (as in walking and feeding herself) and I can have showers when I want, I dread the thought of going back there.

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