Friday 2 September 2016

T is starting school

I still can't believe that T will be starting nursery school on Tuesday.
It's a bizarre concept that I just haven't got my head around yet.
My baby is starting school.

We have been preparing over the last couple of months by buying various bits of uniform but yesterday we bought the final bits and got a haircut in preparation.

Although we've been visiting the school for a few months and getting to know the teachers, I am still worried for her.
Will she be okay? Will she make friends? Will she listen to the teachers? Will she have any accidents?
I know the answer to most of them, yes she'll be okay; yes she'll make friends; yes she'll listen to the teachers.
She has a staggered first week in with 1 hour Tuesday and Wednesday and 2 hours Thursday and Friday and from the following Monday, 3 hours a day.

I am looking forward to having some more time with L and R though. Even though it'll only be 3 hours a day (less if you take into consideration walking to school, walking home and back again) but we could nip to the park more often, spend more time outside.
L and R have puddle jumping suits that we won in a giveaway a couple of months ago and by October, L should fit in hers!
I'm not sure R will be doing much jumping but I'm sure she'll enjoy the outdoors too. And hopefully, L is walking unaided by this time!

Tuesday will mark the first day of the next 15 years of T's life in education!
Pass me the wine!

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