Wednesday 7 September 2016

R is 8 Weeks Old

So R has had her 1st set of vaccines today. I was extremely worried how she'd react to them. How much would she cry? Would she be really poorly after? Would she be really clingy? And most of all, Would she hate me for it?

The answer to them questions goes as follows, she did cry however not for as long as I believed she would. I fed her while she was having her injections so it took her mind of them slightly and comforted her while it was happening. So far, she hasn't become really poorly however we are using paracetamol (as recommended) to keep any fever down that may occur. She has wanted a couple of extra cuddles but that's not really a problem! After all, she did get stabbed with 3 needles and have some liquid squirted down her throat! I would want a few extra cuddles too! 

The last question is the one I was worried about most. Would she hate me for it?
I feel silly for thinking this! I am her protector, I am her food source, I keep her safe, I am her caregiver. I am her mother. She is 8 weeks old and knows no hate. She is my baby and she looks up at me with nothing more than pure love. Regardless of me holding her for her injections.

Other than her vaccines, she has had another growth spurt this week! Although she hasn't been weighed, she can now fit in some 3-6 month clothes! And is completely out of all of her newborn/ first size and up to 1 month clothes! 

My tiny baby girl is a now a not so tiny baby!

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