Wednesday 24 August 2016

R is 6 Weeks Old

Today has been a bit of a whirlwind. It was mine and R's 6 week check. Good news is that R now weighs 11lb 5oz. Bad news is, in 3 weeks she has only gained 5oz. Thats 10oz less than what they expect as a minimum for breastfed babies. They're not hugely concerned as she is content in herself and is still gaining, however small, a gain is still a gain.
R has also been referred for a scan on her hips as she has asymmetrical creases on her legs apparently which can be a sign of clicky hip or dislocating hips. Just waiting on the letter through the post now for the referral.

Other than all of this today, the last week has been lovely! Nice and sunny and R has been rocking some lovely outfit combos and sharing even more big smiles with Mummy and her sisters while her Daddy has been at work!

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