Monday, 29 August 2016

Mummy's recipe for relaxing

Every so often, I need some me time. Something that comes very sparse, more so now with 3 children in tow. Finding time to wind down usually consists of a 5 shower while my OH is telling me through the door that R is hungry and wants booby! Not very relaxing. 

I decided recently that I want to be able to have just an hour to relax and have a much needed pamper session and this is the recipe of how I am going to manage that!


  • 1 x cup of bubble bath - and some more thrown in for good measure
  • 4 x medium candles - just to set the mood a little bit
  • 2 x drops of lavender oil - to help with the relaxing
  • 1 x pot of nail varnish - might I reccomend a lovely purple shade
  • 1 x face mask - the muddier the better
  • 1 x pair of cosy pyjamas, fluffy dressing gown and comfy slippers - the icing on the cake!


  1. Run a nice warm bath for you to get in to. Remember to add your bubble bath while it is still running for a frothier bath!
  2. Light all 4 candles and place strategically around the bathroom
  3. Add your lavender drops and then get ready to get into the bath
  4. Place one step into the bath, you should hear a cry when this happens. Retreat from the bathroom and find the source of the cry - tend to.
  5. Repeat step 4 however this time you should hear a knock at the door requesting to use the bathroom.
  6. Repeat step 4 for a 3rd time. By this point, the warm water should have turned lukewarm and the bubbles should have settles and mixed into the bath leaving nothing but a shiny layer on the water.
  7. Once you have sat down in the bath, apply face mask and ready pot of nail varnish.
  8. You should hear the doorbell telling you it's time to get out of the bath. 
  9. Put your pyjamas on and go to open the door. You should have forgotten you are still wearing a thick layer of mud mask and whoever is on the other side of the door vastly retreats without a word.
  10. Go upstairs to unplug the nice relaxing bath. You should find a small child stood by the sink covered in a lovely layer of purple nail varnish. Rectify this issue by quickly plugging the bath back in and placing the small child in the bath to scrub.
  11. Now the hour should nearly be finished and your OH is sat in the bedroom expectantly waiting his turn for his nice relaxing bath at which point you should refrain from letting the small children disturb him during his him time.

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