Monday 15 August 2016

Breastfeeding Booby Awards

This is the 3rd time I've breastfed a child and the first time I've heard of the Breastfeeding Booby Awards. 
I find them kinda cool so thought I would share with everyone. 

First feed after birth: Liquid Gold
24 hours: Liquid Platinum
48 hours: Liquid Jade
72 hours: Liquid Diamond
1 week: Starry Boobs
2 week: Confetti Boobs
3 week: Sequin Boobs
1 month: Glitter Boobs
2 months: Brass Boobs
3 months: Bronze Boobs
4 months: Ruby Boobs
5 months: Ruby Boobs with Glitter Nipples
6 months: Silver Boobs
7 months: Silver Boobs with Brass Nipples
8 months: Silver Boobs with Bronze Nipples
9 months: Silver Boobs with Golden Nipples
10 months Silver Boobs with Platinum Nipples
11 months: Silver Boobs with Diamond Nipples
12+ months: Golden Boobs
15+ months: Golden Boobs with Jade Nipples
18+ months: Platinum Boobs
24+ months: Diamond Boobs
30+ months: Diamond Boobs with Jade Crystals 
36+ months: Diamond Boobs with Jade Crystals and Platinum Nipples
48+ months: Diamond Boobs with Jade Crystals and Diamond Nipples
60+ months: Superstar Breastfeeder

I've received Bronze Boobs, Confetti Boobs and I've currently managed Glitter Boobs.

What have you made it to?

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