Saturday 27 August 2016

A visit to Tropical World

 We went to visit Tropical World in Leeds. It has been such a fun day out! Really interesting to see all the different animals and insects.

The butterflies were really pretty and we even got to see them cocooning which was really cool to see!

T loved seeing all the vibrant coloured birds and pretty coloured butterflies.
 They have a beautiful waterfall in
 the area with the butterflies and crocodile. It's amazing having birds and butterflies flying around your head. Thankfully the crocodile was in its own enclosure so couldn't get to us otherwise that would have been more than we paid for!

 There is also a reptile area which has lots of interesting lizards and snakes and even a dragon or two!

T wasn't as fond of the snakes as she was the lizards but she still really seemed to enjoy watching them eat and walk along the branches.
They have lots of tropical fish for you to see too. I have to say, my personal favourite was "Nemo and Dory" fish who lived with a starfish!

They keep all the enclosures separate and each room has a different climate. The Meerkat room had to be the hardest to breathe in because of the lack of humidity but it was still a brilliant room and a brilliant day out in general! I would highly recommending anyone to visit! (As long as you don't mind getting a bit of a sweat on in certain high temperatures!)

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