Sunday 3 July 2016

Facts about breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding Facts

  • The average breastfeeding session lasts 16 minutes
  • Producing breast milk consumes 25% of the body's energy
  • The average time it takes for the milk to flow after latching is 56 seconds
  • Human milk contains substances that promote sleep and calms baby
  • On average, babies remove 67% of the milk you have per feed
  • 82% of breastfeeding women use a pump
  • No matter what size your boobs are, you will make enough milk for your baby
  • 73% of breastfeeding mums get help from professionals
  • Breastfeeding fights against colds and flu, ear infections, UTI's and many more
  • Breastfeeding reduces the mothers risk of breast cancer, cervical cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease
  • 35% of women choose not to breastfeed at all.
  • 5% of women start but stop feeding within the first week.
  • 18% of women stop breastfeeding within the first month.
  • 42% continue breastfeeding longer than a month.


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