Friday 26 February 2016

Gender Prediction - Old wives tales

Confronting Old Wives Tales on pregnancy.

So as many know, there are plenty of ways out there to predict your babies gender before they come. It's all fun and games to have a go and a guess. There are also a few scan predicting genders (I'll include this in the post).

I know the gender of baby #3 so I am going to recreate all of these and see what I'm apparently having. 

1. Bump shape

They say that carrying high means you're having a girl where as carrying low you're having a boy. Putting that differently, rugby ball shape means high, football shape means low.
Similarly, if you're carrying around the front, it's a girl and if you're carrying around the sides, its a boy.

My try - Carrying around the front only. Comes from under my boobs. Quite high. Girl.

2. Spots and blemishes

Many or few, they say that "girls steal your beauty" and "boys make you bloom". This applies to greasy hair too. If your hair becomes greasy after a days wash, a girl is on the books for you. 

My try - Well I definitely haven't bloomed however I haven't become spotty. My skin is still clear and I wouldn't say my hair needs washing every day. Boy.

3. Hands and feet

Dry hands and cold feet are a sign of a boy whereas clammy hands and warm feet would point towards girl.

My try - So as a standard, I usually always have clammy hands and cold feet. During this pregnancy, my feet are still cold, my hands have however become dry. Boy.

4. The wedding ring test

A little bit of fun for anyone to try would be the ring test. This means tying a piece of string around a ring and holding it above your bump. If it swings back and forth, you're having a girl. If it swings in a circle, a boy is coming!

My try - So I've just been laid on my back on the couch doing this and my 2 year old walks up to me and asks why I'm being silly. I can see this looking a bit funny as my arms aren't exactly long and elevating a ring on a piece of string without wobbling and altering the results is becoming hard. I did however manage it (with lots of struggle, especially trying to sit back up from being laid down). Boy.

5. The baking soda test

Another little fun game for any expectant mother trying to guess the gender. The baking soda test is quite literally peeing in a cup that has a teaspoon of baking soda in it. Fizzing means boy. Absolutely nothing means girl. 

My try - I was very apprehensive to do this test. I don't like playing with powders and potions, and it's even worse messing with urine to do this too! I will spare you a picture of my pee but there was definitely some fizzing going on in this test. Boy. 

6. Babies heartbeat

Some people swear by this as a scientifically proven method however it has a 50/50 chance of being right. I'd guess, just like all of these tests. A heartbeat that is over 140 beats per minute, chances are that you're having a girl. Under 140 would indicate boy.

My try - So I decided to check back in my notes for the last scan I had. Babies heartbeat was 136bpm. This would indicate (you got it) Boy.

7. Cravings

Whether you want chocolate and fruit or chips and vegetables your cravings are supposed to be able to tell you the gender. 
If your sweet tooth has decided that sugar is the way forward, then a girl is on the books.
Savory or sour food is said to be a sign of a boy.

My try - Well so far, the majority of guesses say boy. This one would probably agree. My cravings being salty chips and gravy, toast and butter and McDonalds. Boy.

8. Gender calendars

According to the Chinese, the age you conceived can determine the gender of your baby. 

My try - Age of conception: 22. Month of conception: October. Girl.

9. The Mayan gender test

Similar to the Chinese gender calendar, the Mayans had a method to guess the gender of your expectant baby. You can work this out by the age you were at conception and the year of conception. If both are either odd or even, a girl is coming. If you've an odd number and an even number, it's a boy!

My try - Age of conception: 22. Year of conception: 2015. Boy.

10. Morning sickness

I'm sure most know the old wives tale on morning sickness. If you've got it, you're having a girl. If you've been lucky enough to miss this stage, you're having a boy.

My try - I've been one of them lucky ones who hasn't had any morning sickness at all this pregnancy. Both my previous pregnancies, I was sick as a dog from 6 weeks until 12 weeks. This one, a bit of nausea but no actual sickness. Nada! Boy.

11. The key test

Last but by far not least, the key test. Unfortunately, you can't do this to yourself so if you've got a pregnant friend, it's worth the experiment. 
Place a key on the table in front of her and ask her to pick it up. 
If she picks up the bulky bit, she's having a boy.
If she picks up the long thin bit, a girl is coming.

So according to all the old wives tales, a boy is on the books for me! 
I'm having a girl!

Another couple of theories are scan theories. 

Ramzi theory is an early predictor (usually between 6 and 10 weeks) and depends on where the baby is positioned in the womb.

Nub theory is done between 12 and 16 weeks ideally and is indicated how the nub of the baby grows. 

Skull theory can be done any time after the 12 week scan and depends on whether baby has a rounded forehead or a flat one.


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