Friday 7 October 2016

Mini Club Lover

Shopping has always been one of my guilty pleasures. More so, children's clothes shopping! I love all the cute sleep suits, little outfits, coats and shoes!

I have taken a particular liking to Mini Club clothes from Boots as they are brilliant quality and they accidentally fall into my basket when I'm out shopping!

Mini Club always seem to do lovely little tunic tops and often have matching baby items too! They have gorgeous sleep suits which are usually 2 for £8!

My girls wear Mini Club quite a lot because I just love their bright colours and patterns!

I've been buying Mini Club clothing since when T was little! I have plenty of pictures but these are all my favourite outfits!

1 comment:

  1. Children's clothes are so delightful! Their vibrant colors and playful designs never fail to bring a smile to my face.


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