Tuesday 4 October 2016

My Breastfeeding Essentials!

Breastfeeding can be a hard task for some and everyone appreciates something that makes their task a little simpler.
I have been breastfeeding R for 12 weeks now and I have found 5 products that I would say are my breastfeeding essentials!

1. Washable Breast Pads

You can find some really pretty washable breast pads made from various materials but I would say these bamboo breast pads with a PUL waterproof layer are some of the best I've found! and They're only £5.95 for 6! They come in all black and all white too if you're not wanting patterned!

2. Feeding Pillow

I don't know where I would be without my feeding pillow at home! It is one of the best breast feeding (or bottle feeding) related inventions going! It makes it so much easier feeding and means you don't get a dead arm! Bonus! I've got the one below. It's a grey chevron so it's gender neutral and looks super cute!

3. Breast Feeding Shawl

Although, many won't feel this is essential, for mums that aren't comfortable feeding in public, this is a must have! I got mine gifted by a friend for my baby shower. It's similar to this. Yet again, grey chevron! 

4. Nursing Tops

I have this New Look nursing top! I love it! It's available in Khaki, Burgundy and Navy. I have them all! It looks really nice on, hides any mummy tummy and is really discrete when feeding! 

5. HaaKaa Pump

New on the market, and taken it by storm! I will 100% vouch for the HaaKaa Pump to be worth every single penny! You simply suction it onto the opposite breast to which you're feeding on and it collects all that liquid gold let down that would have otherwise soaked into the breast pad! It's quick and simple and the reason why I have 200oz of milk in the freezer!

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