Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Keeping Your Car Safe This Winter

Keeping Your Car Safe This Winter

Some British regions record a high volume of car theft. For instance, according to the latest data analysis from Tracker, London is the first hotspot for keyless car theft, followed by the West Midlands, Greater Manchester, and then Essex. Needless to say, if you happen to live in one of those areas, you might be worried about what could happen to your vehicle. 

Keyless theft, aka for vehicles that do not need a physical key but rely on a fob instead, increases every year. In 2021, they've increased by 93%, proving that, unfortunately, criminals have been productive and learned new skills during lockdown. Some car makes are more vulnerable than others. As thieves hack the key's signal to gain access to the vehicle using a relay attack, it is a wake-up call for every car owner. Therefore, authorities warn to use other deterrents, such as crook locks and wheel clamps or a high gate. 

However, too many car owners assume that thieves are the only thing they need to worry about. Your car is constantly at risk. Here's how to keep it safe this winter. 

Unsplash - CC0 Licence 

Keep your car in sight

Vandal attacks may not make the news as frequently as car thefts, but they can be just as devastating. Vandals target vehicles regardless of value and make. Some attacks are triggered by revenge against a specific individual. Yet, more often than not, vandals are likely to attack your vehicle because it happens to be here. So, a camera system such as a doorbell camera can be a useful addition to protect your vehicle, as well as your home. The camera can record the area in front of your home, which means that if you park your car by the front door, it will be visible. You can also install fake cameras pointing at your car as a deterrent. 

Rain, sun, and cold do not help

Winter is the worst season for your vehicle. Frequent rain can lead to rust risks, especially if you leave your car parked for several days without driving. Your brake pads and discs could develop a rusty layer, accentuating damage and corrosion to the braking system. 

Later in the season, when streets are covered in salt to prevent ice formation, you need to wash your car frequently so that the salt doesn't damage the body paint. Paint serves an important purpose as it protects the body from external elements that could cause corrosion. 

Lastly, the combination of winter sun and cold temperature can also cause the paint to dry and flake. It can be safer for your vehicle to stay inside the garage, away from the rain and the sun. Alternatively, you can also build an open garage using building kit materials from Trade Oak to keep the process smooth and quick. If you live in a big city, it's worth considering renting a garage spot to protect your car. 

No more flat battery problem

Car owners have been experiencing battery issues since the start of the first lockdown. If your employer lets you work remotely, your battery could be running flat from the lack of use. Remember to use a trickle charger to preserve the battery and to avoid short journeys that drain it. 

From battery issues to vandalism, it's time to step up our game to keep our vehicles safe this winter. Investing in deterrents or additional protection could save you money in the long term. 

Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Five Reasons Why You Need Your Own Bathroom

If you have ever lived by yourself, you will know how amazing it is to have your own bathroom. However, once you get married and have some kids, the bathroom is no longer the palace where you can go to relax. If you have a few kids, you might want to consider how to create your own bathroom space and have some quiet time.

 Barry D from Pixabay 

It will be cleaner

Now, we are not saying that our children are dirty but if there are a few of them that go through the show every day, then the bathroom can get a bit grubby. If you have plastic shower panels fitted, it can make the cleaning process a lot easier. However, if you have your own bathroom, you can shower in the knowledge that you are standing in a clean shower and that your feet will be clean when you get out. If you have your own space, it will be yourself and your other half using it. Keeping the kids out and stopping them from conducting science experiments in the sink will ensure that you have an adult space that is free from mud.

Your own stuff

We have all been there. The wonderful beauty items that we have collected over Christmas and birthdays, expensive items that are also too expensive to use. And your three year old decided that the red lipstick that cost a small fortune is the colour that he needs to draw in. If you have your own bathroom, your kids have no excuse to go in there and start playing with your makeup and expensive items. Or course, you could not buy these things in the first place but where is the fun in that? Keep your stuff safe from little fingers and keep your beauty products in some storage in your own bathroom. Having it to hand might make you want to use it a lot more often too.

Extra toilet

If you have one toilet and multiple bums, it can be tough to get any time to pee in peace. There are times when you get into the shower and your kids suddenly need to pee. If you have your own bathroom, you have the option of showering and not having a group of children marching in for the world's smallest pees. It is also handy if you and the husband have had a grownup meal that doesn’t agree with your stomachs. There is nothing worse than upset tummies and one toilet, just take our word on that one. If there are a lot of people in your home, it helps to have a lot of toilets so that nobody is left short. It is also great from potty training if there is a downstairs toilet option as you will find it easier to get them into the nearest toilet when they need to pee-pee.

Adds value

If there is a grownup reason to add a bathroom, it is this one. Adding an extra bathroom, even if it is a toilet and shower that has been added to a small cupboard space, can have a massive financial impact on your house when you come to resell it. You might not be thinking about selling up right now but it is nice to know that it will be worth it if you do decide to sell in the future. In fact, the more working toilets in your home, the better for the value. If you have any doubts about adding value, speak to your local estate agents and they can advise you about adding bathrooms that can add more value to your home and what has been selling with them.

Great for guests

If you have a lot of people that come around, they are having a look through your bathroom and judging you on what is in there. Having your own bathroom means that you can hide all of those creams and ointments that you would rather that people didn’t see in your own bathroom. The main family bathroom can be used by guests and it can be filled with the kid’s stuff. Don’t let guests get the better of your bathroom. However, if you can add a small downstairs toilet, that will stop people from roaming over your house and having a look through your personal stuff.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to having an extra bathroom in your home that will benefit you, your family, and anyone who comes to visit your home.

Friday, 15 October 2021

Simple Cleaning Jobs You Should Do This Weekend


Now that we are edging closer and closer to the festive season, we will be hosting get togethers more often and having people around at the house for parties and dinner throughout the winter. 

If you are looking for some simple cleaning jobs you should do this weekend to make your home look clean and tidy, look no further. All of these jobs are easy to put off, but we think you should take the leap and get these niggling tasks done this weekend once and for all. 

Vacuum behind the sofa 

The first job that is easy to forget about throughout the year is vacuuming behind the sofa. The sofa is a piece of furniture we won’t often move, but now and again you should pull it out and clean behind it to avoid too much dust build up. If you haven’t cleaned behind the sofa for a while, now is the time to get the vacuum cleaner out and make sure it is clean and tidy for the winter. 

Clean your windows 

It is so important to keep your windows clean, especially during the winter when condensation can build up on a daily basis and provide a perfect home for damp and mould to thrive. Make sure that you clean your windows at least once a week properly and wipe your windows clean each day when condensation forms. This will allow you to keep a clean, dry, and hygiene home all winter long. 

Bleach the bath 

Now is the ideal time for you to give your bath a little bit of TLC and bleach it ready for the colder season. Most of us are more likely to enjoy warm baths during the winter, and because of this now is the perfect time to deep clean the bath ready to enjoy a clean tub for your next pamper session. You can fill the bath with water, with some bleach diluted in there and leave it to soak for 1 hour, then empty the tub and scrub the interior to make sure there is no mould or damp. You’ll be left with a wonderful clean bath that smells amazing. 

Clean out the oven 

Before cooking all of your roasts this winter, why not take some time this weekend to clean out your oven and get it ready for heavy usage? The oven is such an important appliance and we don’t deep clean it often. Instead of spending money on dangerous chemicals to clean out your oven, instead use baking soda and white vinegar and allow this to fizz and soak for a few hours before you wipe out all of the grease and muck. This is a simple way for you to keep the oven clean without spending money and risking irritation to the lungs. 

Wipe your door frames 

Now and again you might notice stains on your doors, and it is all too easy to forget about them and leave them to stay and grow. This weekend though, get some water mixed with disinfectant and wipe down your doors to keep them clean and smelling great. 

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