Friday 7 October 2016

Five for £5 Friday - Intro and Vinyl Stickers

Five for £5 Friday will include 5 items within a chosen theme that I have found on my trails through Amazon that each cost less than £5. 
I've been toying with this idea for a while! I am quite the bargain hunter and love searching through Amazon for bargains! 
The themes at first will be chosen at random however if you're interested in a certain theme (for example "Unicorns" or "Superheroes") just comment below on one of the posts and I'll try my best to accommodate! 

Firstly, I have chosen Vinyl Stickers as my first theme. 
These are becoming ever so popular in peoples houses to add a bit of decor to a room. 
There's plenty of different things to choose from so here goes.

These are my Five for £5 - Vinyl Stickers

1. Quote Sticker

I love this quote. It's always been oe of my favourites!

2. Kitchen Wall Sticker

Really cute to brighten up a plain kitchen!

3. Light Switch Sticker

Why not match your boring white light switch to your living room wallpaper?

4. Jungle Theme Kids Stickers

Neutral stickers! Very cute for a nursery!

5. Dinosaurs Kids Stickers

Who can say no to dinosaurs?

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