Saturday 27 June 2020

Setting up a small biz on Etsy

Some of you may know, recently I set up my own Etsy store, called 3 Girls Mummy Designs after my blog 3 Girls Mummy. My shop is all about printable designs that I have created, including prints for weddings, nurseries and more.

If you’re looking to set up your own shop, please use my referral link and we could both benefit from some free listings! 


I am so excited to share with you this business venture I have created during lockdown! Therefore as a new business, I would love to share some of the things I discovered along the way, as well as why I picked Etsy. 


What is Etsy?

Etsy is a platform similar to eBay but for creative sellers to make, craft and create their own items and sell them on the site. Made up of different categories the site offers jewellery, toys, art, vintage items and plenty of homeware items. Usually buying on Etsy means buying from a small business and also lots of items on the site have been designed or handcrafted by an individual making the item unique.  

Why Etsy?

Etsy is great for sellers who are looking to sell prints so I decided to go with it, although there are lots of other sellers providing different prints, it’s great to be able to be on the site to get my work shown. As a brand new business starting up into the unknown seems a bit scary, however, I am glad I did as I’ve made sales already. 


Using mockups 

One of the coolest things I’ve learnt about displaying my designs is to use mockups. Which are essentially images with a blank place to add your own design, you can get them of photo frames, wood, bottles and lots more. By using mockups to display your design on Etsy it stands out and looks more professional to a potential buyer.  


What does the future hold for 3 Girls Mummy Designs? 

Creating downloadable items is an ideal way for items to be received quickly and they can be used right away. However, that isn’t to say in the future, venturing out into framing my products isn’t on my mind. Using a company such as Lil Packaging to buy eco-friendly packaging has given me some ideas if I ever did decide to branch out into sending out physical items. 


Friday 5 June 2020

Here Are The Best Home Improvements For A Growing Family

Are you thinking about completing some home improvements this year? If you have a growing family, some changes are going to be more beneficial than others. Here are some options we recommend. 

Pexels Source CCO License

New Flooring 

You might want to start by upgrading the flooring in your property, particularly if you are expecting. For instance, rather than sticking to the carpet throughout your home, you could consider switching to hardwood floors. Or, if you want to cut the costs, laminate flooring is a fantastic possibility. The benefit of laminate flooring is that you will be able to get the floors completed even within a tight budget and they are perfect for spills or messes. It means that you don’t have to worry about issues with your home becoming a disaster zone. You might also want to think about coir matting available from companies like Flooring UK for the entranceway to your home. This is ideal because it’s durable and it’s fantastic for absorbing the moisture that can be traipsed in on shoes. 

Built-In Wardrobes 

You could be investing in new furniture for your home and we recommend that you do explore some built-in wardrobe options. The benefit of built-in wardrobes is that they will be fixed to the wall. As such, you won’t have to worry about them falling over or coming loose which can be incredibly dangerous when you have young children who like to explore. 

As well as this, these wardrobes are ideal because they make the most of the space that you have. This means that they will be ideal for keeping levels of clutter under complete control in your property. They even look great too and will be an attractive selling point when it’s time to move to a bigger place. 

Smart Control

You might also want to think about investing in a smart control system. A smart home is going to be perfect for a family because it will make the home and indeed your entire life, a lot easier to manage. It means that you don’t have to worry about issues with constantly changing the temperature of the property or making sure that tech is switched off at night. With a smart control system, everything like this can be handled with the click of a button. You can even control some systems from your smartphone. 

Solar Panels

Finally, you definitely need to think about energy usage when you have a growing family. This could quickly become the thing that puts the most pressure on your finances. If you have more than one child living at home, it’s easy for the costs to suddenly climb through the roof with everything from games consoles to personal laptops pushing them higher. The best way to tackle this issue is to invest in solar panels. These will ensure that you gain the benefits of alternative energy sources and save a lot of money, particularly through the summer months. 

We hope you love these ideas and look forward to using them to improve your own family home. 

Pexels Source CCO License

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