Thursday 19 March 2020

Better Ways To Bond With Your Child

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As parents, we spend so much of our time working, cooking, doing the housework and trying our best to bring our children up to be the best little people they can possibly be. This is all vital stuff, but sometimes, the best thing we can do with our time is to spend it building bonds with our children, taking the time to enjoy each other’s company and relax a little.

If you want to spend some quality time bonding with your kids, here are a few ways you can have a great time together:

Get active

It’s important that kids stay active if they are to stay healthy now and in the future, so what better way to bond with them that by taking them to a fun Baby Balance class, playing a game of rounders with them in the garden, or challenging them to a jump-off at the local trampoline park. Not only will they have a great time being close to you in a fun environment, but they’ll also see you being active, which will encourage them to be more active too.

Go fishing

It isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy it, a fishing trip is one of the best activities you can do with your kids. For one thing, it’s pretty relaxing, but the kids will also find it exciting. For another, there’s plenty of quiet time so you can just sit together and talk before tucking in to an amazing picnic lunch.

Listen to them

Sometimes, the best ways to bond with the kids are the simplest ones. As parents, it’s important that you talk to your children about anything and everything, but it’s also important that you really listen to them. When they’re speaking, stop thinking about the millions of things you have to do and really hear what they’re saying. They’ll appreciate it more than you might think possible.

Read together

Snuggling up and reading a great book with your kids is a great way of being close that is natural for you both, and which can bring you together. Good stories draw you in and bring you closer. They also give you opportunities to discuss various issues, even if it is just what you think the Hungry Caterpillar will eat next. It’s a lovely way to end the day.

Teach them something

Taking the time to teach your kids something you love, whether that be painting, knitting, gardening or cooking, for example, will make them feel like they are part of your world. They’ll learn more about what makes you tick, and they’ll love that you’re sharing an “adult” activity with them.

Make a date

Why not set a date each month when you spend a whole block of time with your child? Take them out to dinner, visit the cinema or watch the latest Netflix show with them and give them your undivided attention. They’ll love it.

For most of us, bonding comes naturally, but sometimes you have to work at it to make those bonds even stronger and the above ideas are a great place to start.

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