Sunday 14 February 2021

The Newbie’s Guide on How to Get Free Stuff

The Newbie's Guide on How to Get Free Stuff


There is plenty of free stuff that you can take advantage of over the Web. This is inclusive of the tangible items as well as digital products such as free services or free software. There are numerous companies that give away free samplings of the products that they sell and if you just take a bit of time to request these free items, products will start arriving in your post box regularly. 

Before you begin, here are some FAQ for you to read through, particularly if you happen to be new to these free offers. The advice below applies more to the "real life", free stuff.

Before we start, for a bit of reassurance, we at are a completely family friendly site and security and safety is our top priority. Everything that you will find has already been checked to make sure the offer is legitimate and we do not send out any unsolicited emails to our visitors. You do not even need a password or an email to gain entry. You can just start surfing immediately.


Setting Up a Secondary Free E-Mail Address

You can create a free, secondary e-mail address through companies such as Hotmail, Google or Yahoo! This has nothing to do with receiving spam, but rather when you do request freebies you will most likely have to give your e-mail address or you may have to opt-in for a newsletter as part of these deals. What this means is that you will probably receive promotional newsletters or material from a company that you requested your freebie from. To assist with this issue and avoiding your main or work e-email address from becoming cluttered, you can save yourself from these hassles with a secondary account. 


How Can This Stuff All Be Free, Is There A Catch?

In actual fact, there is in fact a catch and it happens to be an innocuous one and something that you do not need to be concerned about when you follow this advice. The catch involves that you need to opt-in to the e-mailing list. In addition, you will have to supply your physical address in order to receive your samples or free items. However, in over a decade of requesting these freebies, we have not once encountered issues with junk e-mails or mail that clutters your mailbox. Keep in mind that we only show legitimate freebies from companies that are well established who really treat privacy in a serious way and comply with the Data Protection Legislation. However, not every site is safe as they may claim to be. It is still a good to be cautious and when the offer seems to "be too good to be true" in most cases it is.


Will You Get Spammed?

We do not deal with spammers and this includes the sites which we list. The term "spam" is unsolicited and none of the sites that we have listed send out unsolicited e-mails. 


How Long Can You Expect To Wait?

This will vary from one company to the next. A few businesses send out samples in a couple of weeks, but the typical time frame is usually in 28 days.


My Friend Received Her Sample, but Mine Never Arrived

On the rare occasion, samples that you have requested will not arrive, even once your friend has received theirs. The companies that offer free samples through the Web often underestimate the demands on their products. This means that they can run-out of these freebies fast. At, when we have not received the free sample or product, we quickly remove the offer to prevent further disappointment. It is important to try and request freebies as they become available. However, there are always numerous offers that you can choose from, so it is important to keep trying.


Can Samples Be Sent For Events?

Due to the fact that we just review and then list the samples from the different manufacturers, we do not have freebies that we can directly send to you. If you are planning an event, you may want to make contact with the different large health & beauty and cosmetic companies. A few may be willing to send you hundreds or even thousands of samples, dependent on your request. 

Other than what we have mentioned above, that is all you really need to know, to get your hands on your own free samples. If you happen to have any suggestions or comments contact us today.

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