Saturday 19 December 2020

First Steps When You Move To A New Home

Moving home is always going to be one of those truly exciting rites of passage. It’s not something that you get to do every day, and yet when it comes around you might find that there is actually a lot of stress involved in the process. If you are currently in a position where you are about to move home, one of the most important parts of the process that you should think about is once you have moved in - and you are wondering what to do next. Here are some of the essential first steps you might want to consider during that time.

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Turn On The Utilities

You are going to want to check that everything is okay with your utilities first and foremost, as if there are any problems here it will be a good idea to report them to the realtor as soon as possible. That’s a simple case of turning the utilities on and seeing what happens, although you might want to do it one at a time just in case anything does go wrong. It’s also about trying to get the home to a place where it is liveable again. If nobody has been living in it for a while, then the pipes might be cold and putting some heat through them gently is going to be a good idea. Make sure you do this before anything else, and keep a close eye and ear out for any issues which might seem to arise when you do.

Assemble The Furniture

Whatever furniture you might have brought with you will have to be unpacked and assembled, so you at least have somewhere to sit and sleep while you are arranging all of the other aspects of the home. If you have bought new furniture, then that too is going to have to be assembled. In some cases, it is easier and more sensible to simply hire a bed assembly service to do it for you, so that is something that you might want to bear in mind. But it’s up to you, and if you are perfectly happy doing it yourself then that should be absolutely fine. The point is that you should definitely make sure to do this before you do much else, so that you at least have somewhere to lay your head tonight!

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Deep Cleaning

Hopefully, the house will already have been cleaned thoroughly before you moved in, just as you would have cleaned the home you just left. But in many cases, you will probably find that doing a deep clean of your new home is still advisable. For one thing, a lot of people find this just helps to make it feel like it is truly yours. But it’s also a case of being extra careful about your health and safety, which is extra important at this time during a pandemic of course. Make sure you thoroughly deep clean the house before you do anything else, and you will feel so much better for it.

Wednesday 16 December 2020

Tips For A Greener House Move

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When moving house, you will have a to-do list as long as your arm of things to remember. From remembering to pack the kettle to reminding yourself not to forget the goldfish, your mind will be filled with all kinds of little details in the run-up to the house move.

You will be looking for ways to save time too, and you will be looking for ways to save money. By thinking of tactics for each, you will do much to ease your stress levels. But when it comes to things you might want to save, not least your sanity, remember the world around you. House moves aren't always eco-friendly, but it is possible to do your bit to save the world if you think green while moving.

Here are our tips for a greener house move.

#1: Eat or donate the food in your fridge

Did you know that food waste is responsible for harming our environment? When food is thrown out it eventually makes its way to the local landfill, where it releases toxic methane gas as it decomposes! Remind your children of that fact when they next try to throw away the green vegetables from their plates! And remind yourself of this too when you're preparing to move, as you might be tempted to discard some of the food from your fridge if you don't have time to eat it all. Now is the time to make more meals with the food you have available, and you could freeze them too, as you could take them with you to your new house. You could also donate some of your foods to a good cause, such as a homeless shelter or to a neighbour in your street who would appreciate the donation.

#2: Dispose of your unwanted household items responsibly

After decluttering your home before your move, you might have a lot of items that you don't want to take with you. These could be things that have become broken over time, or that you no longer need if you're stocking your new house with updated items. The last thing you want to do is throw these items into the trash, especially if they are potentially harmful to the environment. Instead, take the appropriate items to the local recycling centre, sell them, or donate them to a good cause. Alternatively, hire a house clearance service, as they will dispose of your waste items in a responsible way. 

#3: Choose an eco-friendly removal company

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When researching removal companies, don't only focus on price. Search for those companies who use low-emission EEV (Enhanced Environmentally-Friendly Vehicles) vans. Many companies are going green now, not only to protect the environment but to remain competitive too, so favour those who are eco-friendly over any company that might pollute the atmosphere. 

#4: Pack responsibly

The more cardboard and plastic you use while packing, the more you might be tempted to throw away later. This will do the environment no favours, as you no doubt understand, so try to solve this problem. For one, you might want to look around the house for alternative things to use, such as items of clothing that can double up as packing material. Look online for eco-friendly packaging too, as you can buy bio-degradable boxes and bubble wrap, which is far greener than the alternatives you might consider using. And if you are using traditional cardboard boxes, don't don't use multiple boxes when fewer will do. Try to be efficient with your packing, and get as much as you can into each, so long as they can bear the weight.

#5: Commit to an eco-friendly clean

You will probably spend time cleaning before your move, as you will want the house to look presentable for the people who will soon be moving in. However, think of the environment when you're cleaning and think of the health needs of the new home buyers too. If you use toxic chemical cleaners, you won't do the world or the new residents any favours, so use green products before you leave. You can probably find some of them in the supermarket, although to save money, you can also make your own using these natural cleaning recipes

So, as you move home, don't leave chaos and destruction in your wake! Be mindful about everything you do, and think green about each aspect of your house move. And think the same when you get to your new home, as some of the suggestions we have given here can also be used throughout your daily life after the moving process has finally ended. 

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