Friday 19 July 2019

My Recent Amazon Tangent

Recently there has been a lot of talk about becoming eco friendly and doing your part to save the environment. I’ve been watching the new TV series “War on Plastic” which has been eye opening. 

I’ve been having a look at what simple changes can be made without having to majorly change my lifestyle and stumbled across these Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads.

I’m really impressed with the value for money on this item. There are 24 pads and a washable mesh bag to help with the ease of washing and make the change from disposable as painless as possible. 

While looking at this, I stumbled across a couple of other items from this seller that I liked the look of. Although not necessarily eco friendly, they looked like really helpful, time saving products and with 4 kids, that’s very important in my list of requirements. 

Firstly, I came across these ingenious Face Masks which came with a 40% off discount code (ZT4KM8OW). They are supposed to help make wrinkles less visible, reduce fat and give a glowing complexion; all of which I would happily accept. 

 The second product by them that caught my eye was this Electric Blackhead Remover. I also found a 40% discount code for this too (XDZXZXMN). 
I’ve been looking into these for some time as I suffer with a very oily nose and after reading the reviews, this seems to be a good choice. 

So overall, I went in search of makeup wipes and left with fat face masks and a face vacuum! 

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