Saturday 2 June 2018

Back-To-School Sleep Hacks That Parents Will Love

May is a weird time because it’s only a couple of weeks before the summer holidays, yet there is a half-term break. Can anyone explain what goes through the minds of the school’s governors?! By the end of the holiday, it’s the parents’ job to get the kids ready to learn once again. This is hard enough as it is, never mind with a week off thrown in for good measure. As mums already know, this is nearly impossible after seven days of excitement and staying up until the early hours. However, it is doable according to the experts, so here is a selection of their tricks.

Maintain The Routine

As tempting as it is, letting the kids slack off sleep-wise isn’t a smart move. Sure, holidays are great for relaxing rules, yet there are some that are too important to ease. Bedtime is a prime example because it takes a child’s body a long time to reacclimatise to an old schedule. As a rule, it’s better to maintain the routine throughout the half-term break within reason. If there is a good excuse, then one night out of seven won’t make a massive difference. However, don’t let it become the norm as it’s a difficult habit to quit.

Replace Electronics

Mobile devices are excellent tools for young minds, particularly in the age of technology. But, there is a problem – they encourage the body to release chemicals. And, they aren’t the ones that are conducive to sleep. They get kids excited, which ultimately makes sleep impossible. Plus, they emit waves that interrupt rest and reduce children’s quality of sleep. Rather than electronics, give them a book to read. It’s engaging yet following the pattern of the words also tires the eyes. As a result, they should fall into a deep slumber within fifteen to twenty minutes.

Black Out The Room

Another cool trick is to make sure that light doesn’t get through the curtains or blinds. Now that the sun rises early in the morning, there’s a chance the UV will wake your kids up earlier than normal. Once this happens, their quality of rest will take a hit. will customise the window dressings if you want to make sure, or you can play around with different styles and materials. recommends using a window film or putting up awnings on the home’s exterior. Whatever blocks the sun’s rays is a great choice, so choose one that is in the budget and easy to install.

Be On Sugar Rush Watch

In the same way that kids want to go to bed later, they also want to eat junk food. Again, it’s tempting but it’s ultimately the wrong move. Of course, limiting sugar intake is tricky and not every parent can cut it out completely. And, this is a good thing because they need some sugar to function properly. What you need to do is make sure they don’t eat or drink any before they go to bed. After 5 o’clock, cut them off to ensure they fall to sleep on time.

How do you think these hacks will fair on your children?

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