Monday 21 May 2018

Diono Carus Complete Review

I am a big lover of my stretchy wrap however seeing as Rose is getting a bit bigger now and the wrap seems to droop, I felt that I needed to find another method of carrying her. Everyone I asked had different recommendations but when I saw the Diono Carus Complete, it just stood out to me. 

The Diono Carus Complete is a ergonomic 4 in 1 carrier that allows you to carry from birth to 15kg. It can be used parent facing, world facing or worn as a back carry. It also has a backpack that easily zips and clips onto the carrier. All of these options really appeal to me as I feel that this carrier can (and will) be worn for a long time and during many days out.

What I've found with other carriers is that they dig in at the shoulders and hurt my back so I was a little dubious how this would hold up in comparison. I am extremely impressed with this carrier as it has a wide back support and the straps seemed to spread all the weight while being worn. 

I found being hands free really convenient with the other girls because it meant that we could all hold hands and cross roads more safely. The backpack is such an amazing feature too as it is the perfect size for a change bag and there are no rogue straps while carrying. 

The Diono Carus Complete is extremely Dad friendly too. It is easy to put on and adjust single handed. Rose loved being carried on her Daddy's back as he is much taller than me, it meant she could see everything that was going on and could reach higher for things. 

We have been using this carrier a lot more than the pram recently as I've found it much more convenient and takes up less space compared to our double pram. It has meant that Lily has had more independent walking too which is a win/ win. 

We haven't yet used some of the features such as the integrated hood, stay dry zips or water resistant fabric as the weather has been really kind to us recently and I have (thankfully) not been caught out in the rain however with the quality of the carrier, I have no doubt that these features will live up to expectations. 

I wanted to put the carrier to the test and carry Lily, who is 15kg so at the top of the carriers weight limit. I was expecting it to become very uncomfortable and pinchy. In fact, it seemed to be the opposite. It was extremely comfortable and easy to carry Lily and although she doesn't need carrying often, it means that when she gets really tired that I have an option to carry her. 

I absolutely love my Diono Carus Complete and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to carry their baby or toddler. It really spreads the weight well which makes it suitable for long or short walks. They come in a range of colours which you can find here, however we are sporting the black. 

Disclaimer:  We were sent an Diono Carus Complete carrier for the purpose of this review but all thoughts, words and photos are my own.

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