Thursday 10 May 2018

Our Family Holiday to Turkey - Paloma Grida Resort

This was our second holiday abroad as a family of five. Last year we went to Ibiza and had an amazing time. This year, we booked our holiday for mid April to Belek, Turkey. Many wouldn't even consider a holiday in April but honestly, I prefer it. The weather is still a respectable 28 degrees which is neither too hot nor too cold.

I find that it takes a day or so for the kids to adapt to the warmer weather and different surroundings so on the first day, we spent it unpacking, just exploring the resort to get an idea of whats around and making first impressions of the food.

The second day we headed out to the pool. It didn't start so well, the kids we're nervous about being in the water. They weren't happy about being splashed and overall, weren't that fond of the pool, slides or fountains. They also seemed to be more awkward than ever with their eating habits and decided that they didn't want to eat anything other than mini hot dogs and chips.

The rest of the week seemed to improve as they adapted to everything. We visited the beach, took a walk into the closest town and enjoyed ice cream. By the end of the week, all of the girls were very confident in the pools. They all would happily go down the slides unaided. Thea especially showed improvement. She really enjoyed the large slides and even went on some of the adult slides with her Dad that dropped into a plunge pool! Her confidence grew tenfold!

The food situation seemed to get better also. All of the girls were eating various foods and trying new things. Lily took a liking to the different traditional Turkish foods, especially the deserts.

We didn't see much of the evening entertainment as it didn't start until 9pm which was really pushing it past bedtime for Lily and Rose. We did stay up for one a couple of their shows which the girls really enjoyed.

We couldn't ask for better weather for the week. Apparently, we had a lucky week as usually around April the temperatures are in the early 20's and while we were there, it was late 20's.

Although we really enjoy going abroad with the girls, I think our next holiday will be in 2020 once all the girls are a little older and all able to go to kids club for a couple of hours. I do love holidays as a family but sometimes, it would be quite nice to have some time to relax too.
I need a holiday because of the holiday! 

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  1. When I was still married, we also flew to Turkey on vacation. We had a wonderful time with the children, but constant quarrels with my husband ruined this holiday

    After the divorce I won't go there again, I don't want to remember those dark days again


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