Saturday 12 May 2018

Kids Party Bags for less than £1

I always like to be prepared for everything so have myself a little Party Box that I usually have sweets, party invites, party bags, birthday cards, little toys and balloons in, on the off chance that I forget or don't manage to get to a shop before said party.

You're probably thinking "you'll be prepared if you're having a party! You don't need a pre-stocked box" but I am extremely grateful of my box this last month! We went on holiday in April only to come back 3 days before Thea's birthday party. We had already ordered an Asda delivery so hadn't the need to go to the shop and party bags had completely slipped my mind.
Thankfully, we had everything we needed and I didn't need to rush around at the last minute to get things for it.

Unfortunately now, my box is running bare because it's all been used so I've been having a little look on Amazon to see what else to add to it.

I usually aim for each party bag to cost less than £1 each and these are what I've found so far!

Unicorn Temporary Tattoos. We've received temp tattoos in party bags before and at 24 for £1.41 they work out at just under 6p each! Bargain!

Punch Balloons. I love punch balloons and find they make great bag fillers. Less than 5p each!

Mini Smiley Springs. These always go down a treat with my girls and at 15p each, they fill the bags very nicely.

Stretchy Smiley Men. Another brilliant party bag filler are these stretchy men! They are amazing and work out just over 11p each!

Bendy Pencils. I adore these bendy pencils and think they are really cool and only 10p each!

Lollipop Ballpoint Pen. I'm a lover of stationary and these cute pens also work out at just 10p each!

Bouncy Balls. At under 8p each, bouncy balls are a brilliant addition for older kids.

Unicorn Bracelets. My girls all adore unicorns at the moment making these bracelets a must have at 8p each!

Smiley Temporary Tattoos. I know I've already added  unicorn tattoos to the list but these smiley tattoos work out at less than 2p each so I couldn't ignore them!

So, unicorn tattoos, punch balloon, mini slinky, stretchy man, bendy pencil, lollipop pen, bouncy ball, unicorn bracelet and smiley tattoos all come to a total of 75p leaving 25p for sweeties!

What would you add to a party bag?

*Prices all correct as of 05/05/18

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