Friday, 14 April 2017

I'm packing the suitcases!

"Whoah! We're going to Ibiza" - Vengaboys
We're on a countdown to the holiday! I'm really starting to look forward to it. It'll be the first holiday abroad with three children and I am starting to wonder if we're just plain crazy.

I've been taking my time packing just so I don't forget anything. I've written list after list, packed the suitcases three times and photographed every item of clothing going into the suitcases so I know what I'm missing (for the kids)... yes, I am going mad!

These kids will be completely kitted out for this holiday... and summer 2017. I keep finding things that I like and just have to have. 

These are some of the GORGEOUS finds I have bought for the holiday!



1. Bluezoo Dress from Debenhams  (Unfortunately no longer in stock on their website but still sold on debenhams ebay)

I think I may end up writing a list of what I've packed in another post just so this one doesn't get too scrambled up with my love of rompers and rainbows! 

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