Wednesday 12 April 2017

A Formal Apology

I've not really been posting much recently and for that, I apologise. 

I've been trying to keep my social media channels updated (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) but unfortunately haven't been posting on my blog and I thought you deserved an explanation.

Recently, I've been having health issues. Fainting weekly to be precise. I have ongoing heart problems which as far as I'm aware, seem to be the cause of my fainting episodes however I'm waiting for further tests to be done by the cardiologist to confirm this.

Although this isn't happening daily, it has been severely impacting on my energy levels for days following. 
In addition to a 9 month old that wakes up a minimum of three times a night, it's taking its toll. 

On the days that I have felt slightly more energetic, I've been making the most of the sunny weather and taking the girls to the park rather than being cooped up inside on my computer. 

This post is my apology and explanation as to why I've been negclecting my blog. 
It is also a promise to say that I will be dedicating more time and attention to my blog from now on.

Thank you for your patience. 


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