Thursday 15 December 2016

AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard Review

"You can create art and beauty with a computer." - Steven Levy
This quote simply means you can use your computer to create art but what if you could make your computer art? See where I'm coming from? Well, with this keyboard, you can create your computer into your own little piece of art. 


Aukey Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

The Aukey Mechanical Gaming Keyboard definitely both looks and feels Mechanical. With its brushed aluminium surface, visible screws and black keys, it comes across as slightly robotic. 

The gaming keyboard has 104 full keys so their is no conflicting keys as well as a customisable RBG backlight with various effects. 
This keyboard is a plug and play keyboard and require no drivers to use. 


Unfortunately, even though both sold in US and UK, it is is presented with the US key format. The biggest difference I find with this is the "enter" key is a thin strip which if you're used to using the UK "J" shaped enter key, means you accidentally click on to other letters. 

One of the keyboards largest selling points is the lighting effects. With a high level of customisation, the backlights allow you to choose from 9 preset lighting patterns. My personal favourite being the rainbow one. 

It is built with quality. Aukey have stated that each key has a life of around 50 million clicks which is significantly higher than an average Keyboard. 

In conclusion, this keyboard is stylish, easy to use (once you've learnt the keyboard format), easy to customise and overall, brilliant quality. 

This keyboard is on sale here!

We were gifted this keyboard for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own. 

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  1. This looks cool!!! I know my brother would definitely like this!


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